Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Propaganda of the Deed and Revolution Provoking Repression


I have explained in the past that though the Jews pose as if friends of the working class and poor, the Jews do everything in their power to cause the working class and poor to suffer so as to provoke them to revolution and anarchy. Jews do not initiate strikes to promote workers' interests. Jews initiate strikes to weaken society to the point where government and industry are forced to take repressive measures, which promote more strikes in a vicious cycle leading to a break down of society and revolution.

The Jews famously did this in Russia leading up to the revolutionary actions of 1905 and 1917. They did it in Germany during and after WW I. They did it in Great Britain to the point where the British, the British mind you, became anti-industrial.

This never betters the lot of the worker. It is key to understand that the Jews do not want happy workers. The Jews want revolutionaries (and secessionists) and their goal is to make your life miserable so that you revolt and destroy your own nation so that the Jews can take it over and enslave you.

In my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein I quoted many Socialists who have admitted these facts. I will now focus in on the use of violent acts intended to justify repressive measures, which in turn foster revolution.

The genocidal Jew Emma Goldman, who tried to convince Whites to stop breeding, was one such advocate of "propaganda of the deed". She plotted the murder of Henry Clay Frick. The use of violence to force repressive measures, which then inspire revolutionary action is advocated more recently in Carlos Marighella's Mini-Manual for the Urban Guerrilla.

I believe Jared Loughner's attempted assassination of Gabrielle Giffords was such an act of "propaganda of the deed". It may be that Sandy Hook and several other shootings are a part of a larger pattern of such attacks, which makes the Jewish origins of shooters, victims and political players (before, during and after the attacks) relevant and of pressing concern.

There is another aspect of the "propaganda of the deed" which makes it especially effective in the hands of the Jews. The Jews control the media, State and international response to the acts of terror they perpetrate.

While many of you may think that the Jewish controlled media response and the State response to these shootings is geared toward eliminating gun ownership, I strongly suspect it has the opposite intention. The Jews know that when they scream at a fevered pitch for gun control, there will be unprecedented sales of guns, ammunition and high capacity magazines.

The Jews want to arm you to kill one another and destroy your government, by provoking you to arm yourselves and by creating the incentives for you to do so. Concurrently, the Jews provide the repression needed to spark an interest in you in revolution, and in recent times, Jewish led calls for destructive secession in America. I believe they are also behind much, if not all, of the terror which initiates the process.

But regardless of whether you agree on the last point or not, do not let the other considerations escape your close attention. The Jews are not trying to disarm you. Rather, they are trying to lead you into arming yourselves so that you will kill each other and create more acts of violence which will lead to more threats and acts of repression, which will lead to revolution. They want you well armed when this planned revolution occurs so that you do as much damage to your own people as you possibly can.

The Jews' goal is to make your life hell so that you will tear down your society and destroy your government, as you ruin your own life and the lives of your fellow citizens, all in the name of freeing you and bettering your lot in life. Paradoxically, proposed and/or pending gun control legislation is the best means of increasing gun sales, and the Jews know this and count on it. The genocidal terroristic Jews do all this to provoke a Jewish revolution that will destroy everything you have, and they want you to embrace this path towards death with all the Jewish romance of death of a good Jewish Hollywood war movie.

Don't you agree that it would be wise to start thinking about making political war on the Jews to rescue America from the Jews, rather than embracing their hatred of America and our governmental system? Hadn't we better arm ourselves with a political party and political leaders who openly declare war on Jewry? Is it not our duty to use the political process to unseat Jews from their tyrannical reign over us?