Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Jewish Genocide of the Native American Whiteskins


A few centuries ago, the Jews sent Christopher Columbus over to the Americas in search of a new homeland for the Jews. Europeans had tremendous technological advantages over the Native American "Redskins" and chased them onto ever shrinking reservations in their own land, then eventually genocided them.

The Jews have a similar plan to eliminate the new Native Americans, the Whiteskins. They are dumbing you down and encourage you to abandon your civilization and envision yourselves as primitive savages living off the land. They are Bolshevizing you with a bizarre and brutal romanticism of the postmodern savage, be it in the form of an Amish wannabe, or a barricaded and isolated prepper.

The Jews have you dreaming of forcing yourselves onto reservations in your own land, prisons which will shrink as the lands of Palestine have shrunk, as you will negotiate with the treasonous and aggressive Jews for less and less of what is already your own land.

At the same time, the Jews are helping the Asians to seize the technological advantage over you in preparation for their takeover of America and concurrent genocide of the Native American Whiteskins.

And who is it who is planting these suicidal thoughts in your gullible heads? The Jews' controlled opposition of Libertarians and many White Nationalists.

But the Redskins were at least brave enough to fight for their land. You are cowards who prefer retreat and inevitable death, to the fight. It is pathetic and sickening to see how gullible and cowardly so many of you are. Will you never wake up and realize that the easiest and only sane course of action is to stand and fight for yourselves, your families and your nation? Has the millions of years of animal evolution left you without any will to survive, any fight instinct to counter your cowardly desire to take flight? How can you let a tiny minority lead you by the nose into the slaughter house with a few psychological parlor tricks and a controlled opposition? Have you no brains at all, or have you lost them together with your ba***?