Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Jews Ruled the Turks Even Before the Rise of the Doenmeh


In 1492, the crypto-Jewish King Ferdinand of Spain, whose father was a Jew, expelled the Jews from Spain. Many Spanish Jews settled in Salonika and Constantinople. The Jews quickly became the power behind the throne of the Turkish Empire.

Jewish father and son Joseph and Moses Hamon were the physicians and advisors of Sultan Sulaiman I. They brought in the Jewish banker Joseph Nasi, Duke of Naxos, who not only ruled the Turks from behind the throne, but influenced many leaders of Europe.

In the same period in which the Jews conquered Islam, they also took over Christendom by dividing it against itself. A Jew who claimed to be an ambassador from one of the Kings of the Lost Tribes of Israel attempted to convert Pope Clement VII, born Giulio di Giuliano de' Medici, to Judaism. No conversion was needed.

The Eastern Jew was named David the Reubenite. He took on a crypto-Jewish protégé, Salomon Malco, who attempted to convert the Portugese King, Pope Paul III, King Francis and Charles V to Judaism. Charles V executed the subversive Jew. The dates of appearance and influence of these Jews behind the thrones of Europe coincide with the appearance of the Jesuits, first with emergence of the crypto-Jew Loyola, and then with the papal decree recognizing the order. This is also the period in which crypto-Jews instigated the Reformation.

The Marranos gained strong influence in Holland. The Jew Menassah ben Israel took England through his agent Oliver Cromwell.

War after war followed, and the Jews were behind them all. This process has continued unabated to the present day. Turkey is still under the Jewish thumb. The AKP is helping Jewry to create a borderless Arab rim around the Mediterranean which will flood Europe with African and Middle Eastern immigrants.

The Jews want to again open the gates to Europe through Constantinople. At the same time, they plan to take Greater Israel. They have nearly completed this work, most of the foundation stones for which were laid in the 1500's, a century ruled by Caballah, Jews behind the throne, and war, much like the 21st.