Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Keys to White Survival in the 21st Century


I am deeply concerned that Whites are being deliberately misled by the White Nationalist and Libertarian movements to pursue policies which can only result in the eventual demise of White People. I will begin with the push for secession.

White People should never concede land. Instead, Whites should increase their holdings of land, for many reasons, several of which will be addressed below.

Rather than seeking to balkanize America, Whites in America should secure the territory and then go to war against the Jews who are Bolshevizing Canada. Then we should bring Canada into the fold through annexation, so as to prevent a massive immigration of Asians and Africans into our Northern borders, and so as to increase our gene pool.

If Whites are duped into secession, Asians and Africans will flood into our new neighboring countries. The Jews will cut us off from the money markets and will cut off our supplies of oil and food. We will not last one generation. And then all our land on the American Continent will be lost.

Our primary objective must be to secure the health of our genetics. Land is vital to this necessity of our long term survival. If we allow neighboring lands to become polluted and the land to be raped, our lands will turn into desert. Our water, air and soil will poison us and our genes. We must claim as much land as we can so as to preserve it, and thereby, preserve our genes and our living environment.

The vast territory of America and Canada provide us with tremendous military advantages which would be immediately lost upon secession. We would no longer control both coasts and all our borders, but instead would immediately see a wave of immigration that would present us with a billion enemies on our shores. It is the height of insanity to consider giving up our nearly ideal military advantages as a concession to our enemies, rather than destroy those enemies and preserve our natural advantages.

If Whites secede, or even begin to seriously discuss the process of secession, we will become Palestinians negotiating with the Jews over how much of our own land we are permitted to live upon. Rather than talk of a two State solution, the World should drive the Jews out of the Palestinians' lands. Such concessions are suicidal. The Jews will relentlessly push the massive populations they will import to America to takeover more and more of our land and will eat us alive, just as we did to the Native Americans. This ridiculous and suicidal talk of secession is a call for us sounding from our eternal enemies to place ourselves on reservations that will shrink until gone.

We will lose our industry and our farmland, as well as our bicoastal infrastructure. Our military will go to our enemies as will our military secrets, which are all known to the Jews. It will become easy for our enemies to launch and wage war against us, and they will have an easy time engaging in biological and ground attack, as well as maintaining air bases on our immediate borders from which to attack us.

Our allies in Europe will no longer look to us for support, nor provide it to us, because we will have become pathetically weak and a liability for them, rather than an asset. Europeans will also grow weaker as European Americans lose power, and so become a weaker ally to us in a vicious cycle of mutual degradation.

Some of those pushing for secession are also encouraging the idea that Whites ought to adopt an Amish type of lifestyle, in an age where a technologically advanced society can destroy such a group in a matter of days, if not hours. On the other end of this nihilistic, Bolshevistic scheme of rotten advice, the Libertarians are advising the wealthy to abandon all social responsibility and wage class warfare on those who work for them. It is a deliberate push from above and below to destroy all classes of White society and render us impotent and completely uncompetitive within a few decades.

We should instead be building state of the art universities and securing our technologies as our property alone. We should be training our children to out think and out compete all others in every field. We will need our people to save us from the toxins and genetic damage we have endured under Jewish rule. We will need the genius of our people and the advanced technologies they can create to enable us to defeat our enemies and to prosper and out compete all others. Yet these supposed leaders of our resistance want to turn us into a balkanized branch of a banana republic hacking our way through jungles of inferiority with dull machetes as the Asians eat us alive with their advancing technologies and numbers. These leaders are Bolshevizing you, Whites. Listen to them speak of their histories and hear how so many of them come from radical liberal backgrounds. They are a form of neo-Con Trotskyite turned hard right and their goal is to dupe you into destroying yourselves.

The primary necessity for White survival is the preservation of healthy and productive White genes in a land that promotes that health and productivity. We need clean and healthy territory to grow our populations and preserve them while increasing our genetic pool. The Jews are spreading radioactive materials around the globe. The Jews are passing legislation that fills our bellies and our genes with toxic chemicals and GMOs. We need to secure as much land as we can so as to secure our living space and its natural purity, as the Germans say, "Blut und Boden."

We need to progress our technologies so that we can improve our genes, and undo the damage that is being done to them. We should become the most advanced society, not a third world crap hole with no future and no past, as our benevolent leaders would have us become so as to favor the Jews' plan to exterminate us.

Our children should be our primary concern. We should be filling them with pride in our heritage as Americans, not shredding our national identity. We should give them a stable environment, not displace them and tear their nation to shreds, placing us all in Trotsky's perpetual war.

The time and effort it would take to secede and march into disaster could instead be spent securing our power and increasing our majority by any number of means. All this insane and inane talk of secession distracts us from the real work we need to do in order to survive the Jews' quest to annihilate us.

We should instead be building our own factories and universities, increasing our civilization, not tearing it down according to a Bolshevik script masquerading as if a White Nationalist rescue plan. If Whites want to create a colony, let them do so by starting a university which they accredit and whose graduates find ready work among Whites, not a pastoral Utopia destined for disaster. Let Whites create a college town, or an automobile factory. Let them fill their ranks with lawyers, engineers, scientists and teachers to defend us in our own society against our internal enemies. Let us progress passed our enemies, not hamstring ourselves by trying to step back into a previous century, or pitting poor against rich and rich against poor.

There is no problem in our way that we cannot easily solve, which will inevitably cause America to disintegrate. If there were, you wouldn't see the Jews' puppets iterating their Bolshevik scripts to deceive you.

Build our nation, don't abandon it, or you will be stepping into the worst trap the Jews have ever set for Whites, and from it there will be no return.

We must stop eating poisoned foods which harm our genes. We must stop surrounding ourselves with toxins and radioactive materials and exposure to radiation. We must develop a better understanding of how genes replicate and heal themselves. These are key to White survival.

We must secure and expand our territorial holdings and improve and purify these lands. We must assist others to improve their lands and the general environment. We have to value land and blood as the elements of our existence and our survival.

We must educate our own children so as to instill in them a sense of pride, self worth and purpose. The time spent on Bolshevik secession propaganda could instead be spent creating educational materials for our kids which will improve their competitive advantage in the world. We must out compete others and gain political control which will enable us to control the demographics of our lands to favor us. We must cease handing over our technologies and educational institutions to foreign competitors. We must secure our borders from demographic changing immigration.

We must assist Europeans in securing their borders from demographic changing immigration, and cannot do so by ourselves reducing our borders to uncompetitive shadows of their former selves. These things are very easy to accomplish, far easier than would be any attempt at secession. The end result will be the success of our future generations of Whites as opposed to their inevitable slaughter.