Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Kurdish Mossad: Jewry's Fifth Column in Syria


Why are the Turks helping the Jews to destroy Syria? Why is there so much talk of poison gas? Why has Iran done nothing to intervene in Syria?

The staged attack on the Mavi Marmara was engineered by the Mossad and other elements of the Israeli government to make Erdogan a hero to the Turks and the Arabs. The victims of the attack were Kurdish Mossad agents. Erdogan is also working for the Jews. The Kurdish PKK is a front organization for Mossad and serves the Jewish puppets in Turkey to keep the Turkish people under absolute control.

The supposed revolutionaries in Syria are dominated by the Kurdish Mossad. The talk of poison gas is not so much meant as a threat to Turks so as to justify their inexplicable attack on Syria, though it is that, it is instead more meant to inflame the Kurds, who suffered poison gas attacks when they helped Mossad to attack Sadam Hussein. The Patriot missiles sent to Turkey are part of a deal to create Kurdistan across Northern Syria and Northern Iraq, and provide security to Turkey in that event.

Kurdistan, which will be an Israeli puppet regime, will provide another route to Israel for oil from the Caspian Sea, thereby lessening dependence on Azerbaijani, Turkey and Georgia; especially in the event of war between Russia and Turkey. Armenia will become increasingly isolated as all Christians are purged from the Middle East.

Iran will become an increasingly significant country to the Jews as these events unfold, and will be pulled toward the south to harm the flow of oil from the gulf, as Egypt, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen threaten the Red Sea. Turkey will be pulled north by Greece and Russia. All roads west from the Caspian will lead to Israel through Kurdistan and the Kurdish Mossad will attempt another Gangrene revolution in Iran. Should that fail, the Kurds will act as intermediary between the Jews and the Iranians, as the Jews continue to pit Americans and Iranians against each other.

The Jews plan to carve Greater Israel out of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and Kurdistan will form a very comfortable neighbor to the north. Displaced Arabs will flow through Jewish controlled Turkey to Jewish controlled Europe in search of employment and political freedom. But where will the Jews come from to populate this monstrosity of Greater Israel? I will have more to say on that later.