Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Kurds Are Ancient Slave Warriors of the Jews, Who Perpetually War on Their Neighbors to Provide Plunder and Protection for the Jews


The Jews often subvert the Goyim, the nations, by converting Goy kings to Judaism. The Emperors of Rome and the Kingdom of Adiabene provide ancient examples. More recently, the Khazar King converted.

The Rabbis told many stories of secret Jewish kingdoms hidden in Asia, Arabia Egypt and Ethiopia which are recounted in Eisenmenger's masterwork Traditions of the Jews, Volume 2, pages 140-180. Eisenmenger discounts these stories as myths, but they were not, beyond the false histories of the Lost Tribes of Israel and the River Sabbation.

At and around the time of the Jewish expulsion from Spain at the hands of the crypto-Jew Ferdinand, the Jews sent corrupters from the secret eastern Jewish kingdoms to Portugal. The crypto-Jewish secretary of the King of Portugal set out to convert the King of Portugal to Judaism, as well the Pope and other Kings of the Goyim of Europe. At or about this time, Portugese settled in Calicut, India, one of the centers of the secret Jewish kingdoms in the East. All this is recounted by the Rabbis. It was the time when the Jews sought to convert all of Catholicism, and all the rest of Christendom, to Judaism through the Reformation and other heresies.

Much of this, and the Zionism and the appearance of Cabbalah which attended it, came from the hidden Eastern kingdoms of the Jews. The Kurds safeguarded these hidden Jews, who were fat off the riches of the spice trade and had much gold and silver, which they held in hopes of filling the new Temple with this treasure. This gold later funded the banking Jews of Italy, Zevi and Frank, and the Del Bancos / Warburgs and Rothschilds. Zionism spread early from these secret Jewish kings westward. The false Jewish messiah and prototype for Shabbatai Zevi, David Alroy was a Kurdish Jew who sought to take Jerusalem, and who led a rebellion against the Persians, read Iranians.

The Jews are currently using the Kurds to foment revolutions in Syria and Iran. They had previously used them to foment revolution in Iraq, and perpetually use them to agitate Turkey and keep the Sabbataians in power in Turkey.

For thousands of years, the Jews used the Kurds to safeguard the "Lost Tribes" imprisoned by the River Sabbation, whose stones supposedly will whirl in bottles then rest on the sabbath, and whose waters likewise rest on the Sabbath. The Jews seek to use the Kurds as a blanket to their north as they take over Greater Israel. It is an ancient plan, and it is coming to fruition before our very eyes.

Syrians, Arabs in general, Turks and Iranians should expose this Jewish subversion of their nations. They ought to let their people know that these so-called "revolutions" are in fact a crypto-Jewish Kurdish takeover of Greater Israel and a planned northern kingdom of Kurdistan to house the house of Israel while the Jews occupy Greater Israel.

I encourage all Americans in the USA reading this to copy the archives of and create pdf's of the files in order to safeguard the information and use it for research. The Jews are trying to shut it down, for among other reasons, telling you what I have said above. You will not find these truths spoken anywhere else.