Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Time Is NOT on Our Side!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

http://www.jewishracism.com [CENSORED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH]


The Jews have aimed the arrow of time and the arrow of entropy at the once healthy heart of human life. One harm the Jews deliberately cause us creates an infinite list of ever increasing ills that will inevitably end human life, because the Jews successfully subvert nearly all efforts to remedy the damage they have done to the natural cycles of life; and, further, because the Jews force us to devote all available energy to merely mitigating the harm they have done us in the short term, rather than improving our lot and the World for the long term.

The Jews want to kill us all. We depend on systems which facilitate, permit and perpetuate human life. By interfering with these life giving systems, the Jews are dooming us to certain extinction.

The effects of the pernicious Jewish attack on us all are exponentially destructive. A small stumbling stone pyramids into a murderous mountain under Jewish rule. The first to fall rots. The Jews toss his rotting corpse into the sweet waters of the well and a thousand more die of disease while spreading it to a million others. The Jews introduce poison into the vaccine they offer as a preventative cure, and a billion then will have damaged genes. And so it will go until we all are gone, unless we fight back and eliminate Jewish influence.

We are at a stage in the human saga to survive where most of our efforts are devoted to fixing expanding problems the Jews cause us, rather than improving upon an already glorious and sound existence. This has become a closed system doomed to death, because the Jews will not allow you to divert any energy in a positive direction and the problems compound each other at an accelerating rate.

The Jews only offer you the illusion of escape, directly into a new trap of their fatal design. The Jews poison your nation to death and offer you "secession" and "revolution" so that you might escape the horror of the dying closed systems into which they have placed you. It is easier for you to run away rather than fight, so the masses head for the trap, which enables the Jews the opportunity to introduce more entropy into the international system and drag down humanity in the same terminal direction down with no hope of recovery so long as the Jews are permitted to toss just a small obstacle on the path of life, which viral menace will eventually cause all humanity to stumble over into the grave.

Many years before the Jewish "revolutions" in Arab lands took place, I warned the World that the Jews would instigate these "revolutions" in order to harm the Arabs, and with them, us all. I warned that the Turkish Government was Jewish controlled and would help the Jews to destroy Arab Peoples by inciting them to destroy themselves. I warned that not only would Arabs and Turks suffer from this, but that it would result in harm to Europe and America as they became incorporated demographically into these populations, as the Jews toss the corpses of rotten nations into the international well spring.

As American genius and hope is misdirected, diminished and destroyed, the World will lose its best hope for recovery and progress. Indeed, America is the primary target of the Jewish attack, the net result of which is to increase the difficulty for humanity to survive to the point where it becomes impossible.

Rather than improving our lives, our engineers and scientists will be busy with menial labor, as happened to the Soviets. Our children will be taught that there is no hope for them in becoming engineers or scientists, and so our genetic heritage will dwindle and die because we did not do enough to remove the hostile parasite from our world. Quite the contrary, you obediently pamper the tick, and point us toward the traps of revolution and secession, for you cannot live without hope but cannot muster the courage to stand where you are and fight, but instead pray to the empty heavens for a Jewish Utopia to live and die in with all your children.

When they have inspired you to kill yourselves off, the Jews will fill your poisoned pie worker's paradise in the sky with guttural curses from their devilish throats, as they dance a haggard hora upon the Earth in celebration of their victory over human life. They teach you that struggle is your duty to their god and to them, and provide you with a limitless supply of obstacles, such that you are forever occupied with solving growing problems, that you will never step forward but simply must do your best to stay upright as you are pulled backwards.

There is no viable prison break for you as long as the genocidal Jews are tolerated. The technology your People's genius has provided the Jews enables them to introduce obstacles into your life the majority of you cannot overcome. And the slope is increasing downwards into the tomb at an alarming and accelerating rate.

Nature requires long spans of time to recover from unnatural interference, and nature's changes do not bring back the past. It took a very long time for us to evolve from a bath of mud to a human brain. When your time has passed will there be others like you left after you, or will the Jews have won and exterminated them together with you?

There is a consuming fire the Jews are spreading across the Earth and you are the duped torch bearers. You cannot build new homes from the ashes of the fires you spread, despite your Jewish inspired adolescent fantasies and pipe dreams to the contrary.

The Jews are forcefully causing nature to eliminate us. It has been their plan all along and they are winning. Falling sperm counts and increasing cancers are only the beginning of the end. If we do not take meaningful and successful action, my children will live to see the mutation of the human being from diverse and comparatively healthy into a degraded mixture riddled with defects that will cause the end of all forms of human life in a few generations.

Hope will take the necessary form of action. You must act, or you have no hope. If you act, we can terminate the parasite's destructive impact.

The wormish Jews have your guts in their fangs. They grow fatter as you wither away, and they spread their sick seed in your filth. Pry them off or die.