Sunday, December 16, 2012

What Lies Behind the Glittering Generality "End the FED!"


The blind slogan "End the FED!" is the battlecry of the Libertarian goldbugs, but what does it really mean? Libertarians, like their Communist cousins, form a controlled opposition to the bankers. It is important to peer through their hollow jargon at the demons lurking behind it.

Our currency is based on debt and its status as legal tender for all debts. "End[ing] the FED" for the Libertarians also means adopting the gold standard. Under the Libertarians' plan, that means the national debt must be paid off in specie payments of real gold. Though the current money supply is potentially unlimited, the supply of real gold available to the government of the United States is limited to its, read our, national gold reserves.

Should we now convert from paper currency based on debt and legal tender status to a gold standard, we will be asked to pay on government bonds in real gold. The Jews will have first dibs on this gold, as they as have in the past when they have duped governments into adopting a gold standard.

For no sound reason whatsoever, and completely unnecessarily, the government will immediately hand over all of our national gold reserves to the Jewish bankers. The government will then confiscate all gold held in private hands in order to make further specie payments to the bankers.

As the gold reserves are depleted, the Jews will hold all gold out of circulation increasing its value. The government will sell off all our national lands and large portions of our military hardware to the Jews in exchange for gold which will then be immediately given back to the Jews, if it indeed ever leaves their hands, as specie payments.

After all our gold is given to the Jews and after all our lands and national property are given to the Jews, the government will beg the Jews to borrow from them electronic gold credits for gold which nowhere exists, but which must be paid back in specie, that is real gold bullion. The Jews will then own our nation in debt slavery for all future generations.

The POWER PARTY will "End the FED!" by repudiating the debt owed to Jews as the product of a fraud, which requires no repayment. The government will assume the powers of printing and circulating currency and will provide loan capital. The government will confiscate Jewish held gold and will not give away any of our national gold or lands.

Americans gave the Democrats Obama on the meaningless slogan "Change!" and he immediately gave the Jewish bankers trillions of our dollars. Do not be so foolish with the Libertarians and their slogans as to give away our nation and our future.