Sunday, December 23, 2012

Whites, the Jews Want to Palestinianize You


White Nationalist leaders are doing their best to lead Whites into a trap. They want you to balkanize America and retreat to reservations on your own national lands. This will involve negotiations which may well spark wars, but which will of necessity reduce your power and place you in perpetual conflict with new neighboring nations that will become heavily populated with Asians and Africans.

Far from granting Whites autonomy from the Jews, these reservations would become dominated by Christian Zionist zealots. Whites would suffer a tremendous power vacuum and the Jews would pour in money to treacherous crypto-Jewish preachers to turn White lands into religious fanatic communities slaving for the Jews, as were the Puritan communities the Jews used to colonize America. The witch trials would soon commence and any opposed to the Jews will be slaughtered.

The failing Republican Party hurts the Jews to the extent that it is dominated by insanely radical Christian Zionist fanatics. You are playing into the Jews' hands by encouraging Whites to come increasingly under the control of this block of deluded zealots.

Blacks and Latinos are NOT standing in your way in your struggle against Jewry. Do not make the mistake the NSDAP made by attacking Poles, Ukrainians and Russians, all of whom hated the Jews and wanted to see them removed from their nations. Neither Hispanics nor Blacks have any love of Jewry. Jews have consistently screwed the Blacks and Latinos are heavily Catholic and so have an instinctive repulsion to the Jews. Jews and Blacks are heavily concentrated in urban areas, and we can create fault lines in these areas to chase out the Jews from America, rather than helping them to chase Whites out of the cities onto rural reservations dominated by their Christian Zionist puppets.

Start using your heads, rather than your emotions. Study maps and political divisions and come to understand how you are being misled by Christian Zionist, White Nationalist and Libertarian leaders to serve Jewish interests.

It is obvious that we need to stand and fight against the Jews, not run away. It is obvious that Blacks and Latinos are not standing in our way. Rather, it is Christian Zionist, Libertarian and White Nationalist leaders who stand in our way from waging total war back against the Jews.

Germany is the largest power in Europe and it will not defend American Whites, who never defended German Whites. For any balkanization scheme to have any hope of success, it would require support from Europe which does not exist. Instead, the Jews will have an easy time playing games with European nations as they do with Muslim nations, to use the American Whites they plan to Palestinianize as political footballs to divide Whites and inflame them to perpetual war. In addition, Germans have no sympathy for pathetic Christian Zionist Whites.

We do not only need better leaders, but we also need better soldiers. You must cease being so stupid and swear yourselves to the fight with absolute uncompromised and unending faith, and reject all who refuse to fight as tools of the Jews in one hideous form or another.

Do not let American Whites become Palestinianized. It is a recipe for our extermination written down in the Jews' devilish holy books some 2,500 years ago.