Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Who Are the "Learned Elders of Zion"?

The infamous "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" contains a titulary phrase which compels an explanation. Who are the "Elders of Zion"? The Old Testament mentions seventy Elders of Israel in Exodus 1:5; 24:1, 9, Numbers 11:16 and Ezekiel 8:11, as well as "Elders of Judah".

The number 70 is significant. The Jews believe that the heavens and gods mirror the Earth and the Jews, or as the Cabalah states, "As Above, So Below!"

The Jews believe that there are 70 Goy gods and Samael who rules over the 70. Sammael is the scapegoat, Azazel, who accepts the sins of the Jews and places them on the Goyim in exchange for a gifted goat each year at the same time the Jews sacrifice a goat to their god.

The Jews believe that their Jesus is this Azazel and that he enables the Jews to blame the Goyim for all their sins, and that Jesus will be cast into hell when the real Jewish messiah arrives. Jesus is to be punished for teaching the Goyim about the gods, and with the punishment of Jesus will come the absolute destruction of all the Goyim and their 70 gods, thus satisfying the bloodlust of the jealous Jewish god to destroy both man and man's gods.

The roots of this Jewish myth predate Christianity by many centuries if not millennia. Ugaritic literature informs us of the pre-Jewish belief in the "sons of god", seventy in number. El, later the Jews' god, fornicates with the female Athirat to produce seventy sons who are gods. She strongly resembles the later "Virgin Mary". The sons of the god El in turn fornicate with earthly females and father the 70 rulers of the Earth, as above, so below.

The Jews have this as the 70 fallen angels, sons of god, who fornicate with fair earthly maidens to father the giants who become the leaders of mankind. But are they the Goyim's leaders, or the Jews, and is there such a distinction for the Jews? The 71st of these "sons of god" is Jesus, the scapegoat who burdens the Goyim with the Jews' sins and misleads them into hell.

For the jealous Jewish god to rule heaven and the jealous Jews to rule Earth in its purest essence, the 70 Goy gods, Sammael, and the Goyim must perish and be relegated to hell. That is the fate the Jews have planned for you, your ancestors and your descendants, as well as your gods.

Now, the Jews are stirring this stew to scapegoat the Mesopotamians for their mess-o-manias by invoking the memory of the myth of the Annunuki which holds that there are 300 gods in heaven. Jewish disinformation holds that this myth relates to the 300 men to whom Rathenau referred in 1909 when he said, "Dreihundert Maenner, von dennen jeder jeden kennt, leiten die wirtschaftlichen Geschicke des Kontinents und suchen sich Nachfolger aus ihrer Umgebung".–Walther Rathenau, "Geschäftlicher Nachwuchs", Neue freie Presse, Wien, (15 December 1909). Zur Kritik der Zeit, Berlin, pp. 206-218, at 207.

Jewish disinformation would have us expect that these gods of ancient myth will again visit us as UFO's and will save us, or destroy us, depending upon which Jew is misinforming you and leading you to argue over which side of the dump heap upon which you will sit as you pointlessly count how many Jewish angels can dance on the head of a pin.

The Jewish god evidently likes to murder his sons. Jesus dies as a sacrifice. The Goyim believe this is a sacrifice which cleanses them of sin, but the Jews know this to be a sacrifice which is made to burden the Goyim with the sins of the Jews. So much Jewish is also complete deception and duplicity. Are you surprised that your "Christian" religion is no different? Does it shock you that your worship of the Jewish king, the "anointed", is meant to be your downfall? Are you confused that the Jews refer to Jesus as Satan, Sammael?

The Old Testament makes no mention of the Christian Devil, because it holds that all evil comes from the Jewish god, as does all good, and if anything evil is superior to good. Satan is a stumbling stone son of god who tempts and deceives to help the Jewish god sort out the Goyim and send them all to hell. That is the full and true story of your Jewish Jesus, like it or not.

So we have met Sammael, who rules the Goy gods and leads them astray. But who are the Elders of Zion today, and who are the 70 Goy kings who must die to appease the jealous Jew god and the jealous genocidal Jews? Are they at all the same? I'll have to research further to solve this remaining mystery. It seems that the Jews are today busy murdering the kings of the Goyim they themselves have anointed, viz. Saddam Hussein, Hugo Chavez, Bashar al-Assad, Muammar Gaddafi, and soon to include others. Why do the number of Goy gods, Goy kings, sons of the Jew god, and Elders of Israel, each number 70, as above so below?