Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why Christians Make the Jewciest Sacrifices


The ancient Jewish Jesus myth arose at a time when the Jews were heavily immersed in the Heraclitean dialectical thinking of thesis, antithesis and synthesis handed down through Plato to such Jews as Philo. Good and evil were both of the genocidal Jewish god and both god and evil served the genocidal Jewish god as is expressly stated in Job and Isaiah, and Jeremiah 27:6,

"And now I have given all these lands into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, My servant; and the beasts of the field I have also given him to serve him."

The Jews sought to redeem the Jewish nation, which it held was being punished by the genocidal Jewish god for disobedience. It was Satan who first tempted Eve, and so Satan would have to be ritually sacrificed for the sake of the Jews and only the Jews, whose sins would have to be placed on the Goyim as a scapegoat achieving Jewish atonement.

In the dialectic, Jesus is the Jewish god for the Goyim i.e. the Goy god slayer and scapegoat, and Satan for the Jews, i.e. the serpent who tempted Eve and fornicated with her thereby spawning the Goyim. Since it was Jesus who tempted Eve and infused her with his seed creating the Goyim, it must be Jesus, Satan, and Christians, Satan worshipers, who must be scapegoated for Jewish sin and sacrificed through murder to the genocidal Jewish god and his divine seed, the Jews.

The murder of Jesus, who tempts himself, but this time rejects temptation, redeems the Jews of their sins by accepting them, as does the ritual genocide of Christians. Jesus is Satan and Satan is Jesus. It is a Jewish dialectic which resolves original sin and justifies the genocide of Goyim and their gods.

Recall that Eve's original sin, and Jesus' original temptation, is to bite of the apple of the knowledge of the Jewish god; and that Satan's temptation to the Goyim in his form as Jesus is to do the same and introduce the Goyim to knowledge of the Jews, for which they must pay with the penalty of death, just as Adam and Eve were cursed with death.

I doubt that the Jews so relish the Jewish genocide of 50+ million Chinese and the countless millions of African blacks as they do the Jewish genocides of tens of millions of Armenian, Ukranian, Russian, Greek, British, French, German, etc. Christians. Jews feel much cleaner and refreshed after drinking Christian blood, than they do when they feast on other forms of human life.