Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why Do the Jews Sponsor Christianity, While at the Same Time the Jews Actively Destroy It and Genocide Christians?


The Jews created Christianity and aggressively spread it around the globe. At the same, the Jews have attempted to subvert Christianity and genocide Christians as often and as brutally as the genocidal Jews can manage to do so. Why???

Why do the Jews fatten a goat and treat it with the utmost care so that they can murder it as a sacrifice to their genocidal god? Why do Jews pretend that their ritual abuse of animals through kosher slaughter is based on kindness and concern? And probe your own corrupted souls, Christians, why do you love Jesus and hang an emblem of his tortuous murder around your neck in the form of the crucifix? You and the Jews celebrate the destruction of Christ as a sacrifice to you, and the Jews merely take the devilish, morbid and sadistic religion one step further and celebrate the destruction of Christ and of Christians as a sacrifice to their genocidal god and to them.

By creating and promoting Christianity, they are fattening you for the slaughter. By slaughtering you, they are carrying out the formal sacrifice. It is that simple, and that complex.

Jesus is Satan/Sammael. He is the tempter and the deceiver who aids the genocidal Jewish god to interfere in the course of human events and cause the humans harm. The Jews created Jesus as a sacrificial goat/lamb to slaughter as a method of placing their sins on the Goyim. Jesus rules the Goy gods and betrays them and the Goyim once every year in exchange for a goat which the Jews give to him. In worshiping the idol Jesus, you come to worship the Jews' jealous genocidal god and slay your own gods. He is a temptation for you to kill off your own gods, and so your supernatural protection from the genocidal Jewish god, and thereby open the gate to the Jews to exterminate you, as above, so below.

And you oblige this Jewish perversion of nature and of justice. You delight in the myth that another should suffer and die for you as a scapegoat to absorb your sin, and no less another than he whom you worship as the son of your adopted god! You are unjust, perverse and selfish, just as the Jews would have you, and by being unjust, selfish and perverse, you justify the Jews' genocide of you and yours and take on their sin as their scapegoat. You become the scapegoat of their Jewish injustice, hostility and perversion by ritually joining in it.

Satan / Sammael / Azazel / Jesus is the genocidal Jewish god's instrument to deceive and destroy you. Christianity is the genocidal Jews' instrument to deceive and destroy. Wherefore, the Jews make you Christians and then slaughter you as a sacrifice to themselves and their bloodthirsty god.

The many myths of the Jewish "holocaust" form the basis of the new religion the Jews would have you worship as they send Jesus into hell for a thousand years during the Sabbath Millennium. The myth that the NSDAP genocided six million Jews forms the corpus / corpse of the new sacrificial lamb / goat. The Jews hold that both Jesus and the mythological six million Jews were Jews sacrificed for the Jewish nation. Or, as the Jews put it, and bear in mind that "Golgotha", meaning the place of the skull, is where Jesus was supposedly crucified,

"The Golgotha of modern mankind is Auschwitz. The Cross, the Roman gallows, was replaced by the gas chamber. The gentiles, it seems, must first be terrified by the blood of the sacrificed scapegoat to have the mercy of God revealed to them and become converted, become baptised gentiles, become Christians."--Ignaz Maybaum, The Face of God after Auschwitz , Polak & Van Gennep, Amsterdam, (1965), p. 36.

For further study, see: Leviticus 16. Yoma folio 39a.

But what quasi-religious form does the new method of scapegoating the Goyim with the myth of the holocaust take? It is the Jewish genocidal myth of the Noahide Laws, and under it, Christians must be beheaded and the obedient Goyim must become absolute and grovelling slaves until the Jews' messiah decides to genocide them, as well.

This is the nature of the Jews' perverse and genocidal beliefs, which they would render it illegal to criticize, which they did render it illegal to criticize 2,500 years ago, calling the truth blasphemy and sacrilege. When the Jews proscribe freedom of speech, they are imposing their religion upon you and your government and are imposing Judaism as the State religion. Judaism makes it illegal to criticize or even to call into question genocidal Jews and their lies, or to criticize, inform or otherwise speak the truth about the genocidal Jews' genocidal gods.

These inhuman and unnatural laws are not new. The Jews have had them for 2,500 years and they are designed to murder you, your governments and your gods; and to render the Jews and their gods absolute masters of the Earth and the heavens. And you oblige them, bearing your own cross as your sacrifice to the omnipotent Jews you worship. . . .