Thursday, December 20, 2012

Why Is the Emphasis on Surviving in an Apocalyptic World, Rather than Preventing It?


The Jews romanticized war when they needed soldiers for the two world wars, then they romanticized civil resistence to war, when they sought to defeat America in favor of Communism. And the Americans fought for the Jews, then protested war for the Jews. The Jews romanticized tobacco use, drugs and alcohol. And Americans imbibed. The Jews romanticized casual sex. And Americans became incontinent.

For many years now, the Jews have been romanticizing the horrors of an apocalypse. They have taught you that this is your chance to be free. And Americans are increasingly looking to revolution and balkanization as if the fulfilment of a romantic dream, rather than taking any action to better America. This is by Jewish design and no good will come of it.

The Jews want you to believe that the destruction of America is inevitable and just, so that you do nothing to stop them from ruining our nation. They want you to disassociate yourself from our fatherland so that you take no offense when they insult America, and feel no sense of loss when they speak of stealing your land from you.

Consider the animosity the Jews direct at America today, and how our fathers would have responded to it not so very long ago. When you hear this talk that America is already dead, which is ridiculous on its face, imagine how you would respond if such talk were directed at you personally, and then you will understand how Americans would have responded to it in previous generations.

Imagine that the Jewish pundits all screamed that you are already dead and deserve to be dead. Imagine that they constantly demanded that no one help you, but instead sought to turn the entire world against you. Consider how you would feel if the Jews constantly degraded you and argued that nothing could or should be done to save you, rather everything should be done to destroy you, because you are already dead. Think of how you would feel if the Jews made it trendy and cool in popular culture to put you down.

Try to put as much thought into defending your political rights as you do into defending your rights to keep and bear arms, and your rights to free speech. Why do you become so alarmed when your right to own firearms is threatened, but disenfranchise yourself each election? It is because the Jews have taught you to romanticize violence and an apocalypse, and to feel that politics is your enemy to be shunned, while they do all they can to dominate politics and exclude you from it.

You can do a hell of lot more with your vote and your service than you can with an AR-15, if only you would join in a political party designed to preserve, honor, defend and better America. Turn off the relentless programming the Jews have targeted at your psyche and defend your nation with your political power, or are you really just a stupid Goy who is not fit to rule yourself in a civil society, as the Jews would you have believe? Are you truly incompetent genetically to take control of your own nation and root out the Jews? If they can control and ruin your entire nation, how do you plan to fight them as an individual?

You must get back to your fundamental dignity as a human being and take control of the country rather than aid the Jews in destroying it, lest we end up like Egypt and Syria, or worse still Soviet Russia and Red China. Stop letting the Jews' Bolshevik programming dominate your thinking and think like an American.