Tuesday, December 11, 2012

You Worship a Jewish God Created in the Jews' Perverse Image, NOT Yours

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

http://www.jewishracism.com [CENSORED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH]


Many of you have probably wondered why the Jews so heavily promote homosexuality and changing the definition of marriage to incorporate homosexual unions. There are many reasons why, ranging from the fact that a disproportionate number of Jews are homosexual to the Jews' desire to ruin Gentile Peoples. But there is another reason with which you are almost certainly unfamiliar.

The Jews' created their genocidal god in their own destructive image. Jews tended toward sexual deviancy. They were heavily homosexual and used their Temple as a homosexual whore house. Their god is a hermaphrodite. The Jewish god's fruitfulness comes from its hermaphroditic personhood and this monster commands the Jews to multiply themselves as men and women both created its hermaphroditic image, which they created in their image (Genesis 1:27, 28). The Jews even fed their god with sacrifices both human and animal, just as they fed themselves. And so they feed their god your bodies and souls.

They have you whoring after their god, which spells the death not only of your gods, whom the Jews believe to be real, but also you and your tribe with those gods.

Jews rule the Earth and their god rules the heavens and is jealous and will exterminate your gods as the Jews exterminate you. And you oblige the Jews and bow to the god created in their image and kill off your own gods created in your image, as you kill off your natural image of yourself. But you cannot be Jews and must die to feed the Jews and their god.

The Jews' god is very much a Jewish person. He walks and talks to the Jews' ancestors in the Old Testament. He has sons, Jesus among them. We need not wonder what the Jews' god was thinking when he ejaculated the seed for these horrible sons, many of whom raped the noble daughters of normal humans. He wrestled with Jacob, father of the Jews. Etc. For more on the Jews' god as a terrible stereotypical genocidal perverse Jew, see:


Now, it is the Jews who are commanded to go forth and multiply, not you. Yours is to slave and die off and worship their god in the form of hermaphroditic rock stars, homosexual marriages, masculine women and effeminate men. It is heaven on Earth for the Jews to watch you rob yourselves of your genetics, your sexuality, and your human dignity. It brings you down to their level, where you cannot compete, for you will no longer be an image of yourself. It makes it easier for them to kill you off, which wets their diseased beaks. Most of all, they enjoy turning you into twisted living idols of their god, mirrors of their unnatural selves, having lost all that birth gave you to make life.

And what is the noblest act you as a perverse slave can perform for your new father, the stereotypical genocidal Jew in heaven whom you call god? You can feed him your soul and your body, preferably as an act of self sacrifice. You martyr your spirit by worshiping the vile Jew in the sky and you feed it your body by dying as a sacrifice to it so that you can live on as its slave. You delight in sending others to hell and believe that they have sold themselves to the Devil and given their flesh to evil, not letting yourself know that the Jewish god is the Devil and all evil and good come from it, according to the Jews who crafted the cunning fiend in their own image. The Jewish god loves sinners and the worst scum there are are Jews. Sorry, but they are first in line with their self made god and by whoring after horrible it, you die, body and soul.

The mind of the ancient Jew was comparatively simple and unartistic. It looked in the mirror and saw hate and murder in its dull eyes, and so saw its god stupidly staring back at it. It lived by murdering indigenous peoples and stealing their wealth, raping their women and burning their fields, so its god did the same. It lived by eating animals and so gave its god their flesh and their souls to quench its appetite and sustain its murderous existence. You are just another sacrifice to the Jews and their god and so you must sacrifice that which gives you life, birth. You must undo the divide and enter the tomb. You must become a living idol for your ill fated people, an idol which produces no life, an idol of the hermaphrodite in the sky, the Jewish god, a man/woman or woman/man. You must martyr your life, your soul and your sex, so the Jews and their god can triumph over you and your gods. And, most amazingly, you do.