Friday, January 18, 2013

Big Fish Eat Little Fish: We Must Apply the 2nd Amendment to Our Nuclear Arsenal and the Right of White Self Determination to Control It


Our flesh and blood in Europe are under the Jewish Bolshevik boot. Jewish tyrunts will jail our brothers and sisters if they speak out against Jewish oppression. We need our nuclear weapons to rescue them and ourselves from genocidal Jewry.

Note that the Jews are not terribly concerned about small arms on a national or international military level. The Jews are not griping about North Korea and Iran acquiring small arms, AK-47s or RPG's, which are far more effective weapons than is the semi-auto AR-15. It is nuclear bombs which matter in this World. The Jews are in fact happy to supply their enemies with small arms, so that they can kill each without any risk of their ever gaining ground against the Jews.

We need to ensure that White Americans loyal to America and Americans and to Whites control the nuclear arsenal of the USA. The Jews want to steal it from us. We need to apply the 2nd Amendment to our nuclear arsenal and take control of it in order to secure our free State.

The Jews want us to revolt so that they can seize our nuclear arsenal. They want us to trade our World dominating nuclear arsenal for some .22's and .308's.

The Jews are planning to ship our nuclear weapons to Israel under the pretext of protecting Russia and China from us, if they provoke us to revolt against the US Government, when we should instead be chasing out the Jewish tyrunt usurpers.

The traitorous Jews will call in the UN, Russia and China should we revolt against our own government, on the pretext of taking our nuclear weapons to protect them from the "rebels" just as they have plans in place to capture or destroy the nuclear bombs in Pakistan and North Korea in order to safeguard them from "terrorist rebels".

We must safeguard our rights to rifles, handguns and shotguns, but it is far more important to protect our nuclear arsenal from the Jews. We have never employed this tremendous advantage to its full advantage because the Jews want the Goyim to destroy each other, mutual assured destruction of all non-Jews is their stated aim. The last thing the Jews want is for White Americans to employ these weapons to free all Whites and the rest of humanity from Jewry.

Concern yourselves with the .38 snubnose in your drawer or waistband holster, but also concern yourselves one whole hell of a lot more with the nuclear arsenal of the USA. It is our best defense against Jewry, or their best means to annihilate us. So far you have let them make the call. It is time to get in the fight and simply take control of what is already ours.

You must relearn how to think on a national level as well as a personal level. The Constitution creates our Government, and these same rights which apply to us individually apply to us collectively as a nation.