Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chuck Hagel 100% Certified Kosher Worm


An Haaretz report reveals how very much Chuck Hagel loves Israel and sucks up with vigor to the Israeli fifth column of Jews in Congress, and note the comments posted by Mark Glenn's readers:

Contrast these facts with Gordon Duff's recent call of 15 January 2013 for Chuck Hagel to be our Presidential candidate of choice in 2016, and the comments of his readership, and note that Duff feels that he has much in common with Hagel:

Back on 7 January 2013, I wrote that Hagel is likely compromised and that Obama is a puppet of the Jews. On 9 January 2013, I informed my readers why the Kosher clown Hagel was chosen by the chosen to be nominated for Secretary of Defense:

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