Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chuck Hagel's Campaign to Eliminate Whites' Strategic Nuclear Advantage


If Whites of the United States of America were to unite with the Whites of Russia, as we did during the Rothschild's Civil War in America, we would control 96% of the nuclear weapons in the world. The jews know that such a unification of White force could easily destroy jewry and guarantee White preservation for the foreseeable future.

Enter Hagel, Obama and Medvedev in 2008/9, each Kosher certified, and "Global Zero" which would disarm Whites of their nuclear weapons on the same schedule that Whites will be disenfranchised in their own nations if they fail to act.

But the real goals are a hidden in this agenda. On the one hand the jews want to unleash these weapons, but cannot due to the refusal of those in the military in America and Russia. Failing the ability to instigate an apocalyptic nuclear war, the jews will try for a limited nuclear war, and then when the horrors are made public, they will call for the removal of nuclear weapons to Israel. That failing, they will call for removal of nuclear weapons from White nations, so as to give their nuclear arsenal an advantage and to increase the advantage of China's conventional forces.

The jews have many fall back plans, and Hagel is a key figure in one of them.

I hope I can convince my fellow White Americans that their rights to their nuclear weapons are even more important than their rights to their personal small arms. We have to secure these weapons in White hands before demographics, if not the jews themselves, take them from us.

We must also work toward an alliance with other White nations, which will give us absolute power over the world, rather than mutual assured destruction. And we must demand our sovereignty and rights to self-determination and deport the disproportionate non-White immigration of the past few decades, keeping the best, being humane to the rest and relocating them in places which favor our interests and theirs.

Beware Hagel, he wants Whites to become powerless.