Sunday, January 13, 2013

Compare and Contrast: Jews -v- Whites


Election cycles provide a good example of how the Jews are slaughtering Whites in their Jewish war on humanity. Keep in mind that politics in White nations goes hand in glove with media.

Do Jew wise Whites control a single national media organ in Israel? Do Jews waging war on Whites control national media outlets in America and other White nations?

Are politics in Israel controlled by Jew wise Whites, who use their influence in Israel to affect politics in America? Are politics in America controlled by anti-White Jews, who use their influence in America to control politics in Israel?

How many anti-Jew, pro-White politicians succeed in Israel? How many anti-White, pro-Jew politicians succeed in America?

Do Jew wise Whites produce anti-Jewish movies and other media in Israel? Do Jews who hate Whites produce anti-White movies and other media in America?

Consider the fact that the Jewish puppet Obama nominated Chuck Hagel in order to influence Israelis to vote for extreme right wing politicians, war hawks come war dragons. Consider next why the Jews want these politicians in power in Israel. What political nominations have Jew wise Whites effected in Israel to cause anti-Jew war hawks to seize control of the American Government?

Who is winning this war? Who is laying down dead? How many Israeli Jews have soldiered for anti-Jewish interests? How many Whites have soldiered for the Jews for anti-White causes?

Beware Whites, the Jews are taking over all your institutions to institute totalitarian Jewish control under the guise of "No Labels" meaning no choices, and Christian Zionist "Galt's Gulch" gulags where American Whites and politicians will be reeducated to Bolshevize America and make it slave for the Jews. Are any of you actually waging war back against the Jews? How, by arming yourselves to kill Americans? By balkanizing America so that Bolshevik Christian Zionists can absolutely destroy White freedom? By scapegoating Blacks and Hispanics for your cowardice in confronting Jews?

It is pathetic, but it is true. The Jews are slaughtering you and everything you think you are doing to fight back is engineered by the Jews to defeat you and hand them victory in the form of your head on a silver platter.

Shame on you, stupid. Nature won't forgive you it. Nature will forget you. The anointed king of the Jews, Christ the King, won't save you, he will order the masses to chop off your heads and it will be your White brothers manning the guillotines.

One of the main reasons why the Jews are so strong and Whites so impotent, is that the Jews are tribal and support each other. If Whites banded together and supported their own interests, rather than slaving for Jews. . . . If Whites went to war against the Jews, rather than soldiering for the Jews. If Whites were proud to be Whites and celebrated our brothers. If Whites ceased to pretend that the anointed king of the Jews is god and would no longer allow themselves to become the scapegoat for Jewish sins. If Whites aimed their nuclear weapons at the Jews, instead of at one another. Then, the enduring and expanding Jewish problem would quickly be solved.