Friday, January 11, 2013

Glenn Beck's "Gult's Gulch" AKA "Independence Park"


Back on 13 December 2012, I warned that the Jews were planning to soon implement Ayn Rand's concentration camp for the best of the Goyim, which she called "Galt's Gulch":

Galt's Gulch Concentration Camp: The Diabolical Hidden Jewish Agenda of "Libertarianism" and "Objectivism", December 13, 2012

Glenn Beck is just now revealing his plans for his "Galt's Gulch" which he will call "Independence Park":

Amazing how Communitarian it all sounds, coming from supposedly Libertarian ideals. Sounds like a Frankfurt School gulag, or a little bit like the trips our American politicians take to Israel for brainwashing, or a glamorized version of the reeducation camps. A totalitarian theme park, perhaps? Who will the hold the patents and copyrights for works and inventions created in this worker's paradise? Who will decide what is true and what books contain truth? Will there be any debate of any kind, or will democratic centralism rule this Commie, er. . . uh communal. . . microcosm? That would save the residents the burden of thinking for themselves in "Independence Park", or is it interdependence dark, or is it anti-individualism stark?

I really, really, really hope that people start paying attention to what I have to say. Things are beginning to unfold in the ways I predicted.

It appears that some are looking toward a future where in order to survive you will have to submit to being a bitch dog for your overlords. And when the castles are complete, who will ultimately occupy them? Do the laborers who build castles ever reside in them after total power is accomplished?

Rand Paul jokes about Galt's Gulch in this video: