Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guardians of the Unbroken Chain

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

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Thirty thousand years ago a man and a woman introduced their newborn son to the tribe. The babe was cold and hungry and cried out for his mother to feed him. She swaddled him in a soft deerskin and suckled him on her bare chest.

The young family's relatives and tribesman brought gifts and shared in the delight of a new life to carry on the unbroken chain. When all the others had gone, the Chief came and softly kissed the child. He uttered the traditional blessing, "In you we live forever. Bring us children as the ancestors brought us. Guard us all as we guard you." Then he asked the proud mother, "Do we have a new guardian,?" She answered tenderly rocking her baby as she smiled, "Yes, it is a boy. He will guard the unbroken chain and give us children."

Just then a neanderthal emerged behind the Chief of the Guardians of the Unbroken Chain and slit his throat with a razor sharp flint knife, which the Chief had given him as tribute. The cunning and deceitful neanderthals had duped the humans into believing that they were children of the gods. They demanded gold nuggets, skins, meat and sometimes children for sacrifices.

The neanderthal quickly pounced on the mother, but the father emerged from their shelter with a spear and the neanderthal retreated. Others from the tribe came and hurried to the dead Chief. The neanderthal dropped his knife and pointed at the new father with his bloody hand, and with his thick guttural neanderthal accent shouted, "He killed the Chief!"

The priest rushed forward, "Neanderthals cannot lie! Kill the killer, it is our law!" The new father thrust his spear into the neanderthal's heart. "Justice is done. The killer is dead," said the new father of the newborn guardian.

The priest pointed his scepter at the new father and shouted, "He has murdered our Chief and a child of the gods. He will bring us ill luck! Burn him while he lives! May the gods forgive us."

Men approached the new father, but the mother stepped in between them carrying in her arms the new life she had given the tribe. "The neaderthal killed the Chief and tried to take our new guardian," she said. She held up the limp hand which had carried the stone blade and shook off a spray of blood. "You lie!" cried the priest. She picked up the knife and rubbed it across the outraged priest's face. He raised a finger to wipe off some of the streak of blood and examined it. "This cannot be!" He shouted as he turned and left. Soon thereafter two of his sons came and helped him drag the body back to the neanderthal's cave. They did not return.

The new father had never liked nor trusted the neanderthals. He called a war council and declared that the guardians must protect the unbroken chain from the neanderthals. With the priest gone, no one raised any objection.

The guardians hid the women and children in the forest, then surrounded the neanderthal cave. They could hear them angrily grumbling and barking in their language. The trader of the tribe who gave the tribe's tribute to the neanderthals translated the neanderthal's plans. They had decided to kill all the humans and burn the children as a sacrifice.

The guardians waited for the neanderthals to emerge from their cave and then pounced on them killing them all. The trader of the tribe implored them to spare the neanderthal females and young. The good natured humans agreed and let them go.

For thousands of years the neanderthals and the humans fought. The descendants of the young family of the Guardians of the Unbroken Chain never lost their distrust of the neanderthals and never accepted their offers of peace. They rose to become the Chiefs of the tribe and after thousands of years of warfare and desperate struggle finally defeated the last of the enemy race.

Other tribes believed in the neanderthals. These tribes all perished. None of their kind today remains.

But you are here, the end of the long unbroken chain of human life. Will you guard us and the next link and the next, so that our life will continue? Or will you sacrifice us all through your cowardice and break the chain of life so many have fought to preserve?

Thousands of generations have loved our race and preserved us. Do the same, it is your destiny, as it was theirs and as it will be for as long as we are an unbroken chain of life.

You are the guardian. Do not fail.