Monday, January 07, 2013

How the Jews' Attack on Iran Will Likely Proceed


I suspect that the Jews are readying to attack Iran. If Netanyahu is reelected, he will probably order a strike this spring, barring any events which preclude such an attack.

Hagel can do nothing to prevent this strike, and since Jewish puppet Obama is advocating his appointment, Hagel is likely compromised. In any event, the Secretary of Defense will have no power other than to obey the orders of the Commander in Chief, who is a puppet of the Jews.

A plan is being floated to emit trillion dollar coins to fund the government. Such schemes are usually enacted to create a war chest. In this case, it would serve as a means to fund a war against Iran and a Third World War.

The Jews want to increase immigration to create a work force and pool of soldiers for World War III, as well as subvert Whites' rights to self-determination. White men and women will be busy fighting wars for the Jews and will need immigrants to serve as labor.

The Jews will have several options in their rhetoric and political action on gun control. If they suddenly tone down their rhetoric and undermine their own proposals, or sharply ramp them up, I would take that as a sign that an attack on Iran is imminent.

Perhaps compulsory voting should be explored as a means to secure White self-determination and prevent war. We must counter the Jewish brainwashing of Christian Zionists, if Whites are to rescue themselves from Jewish oppression.

We should condition the American public to suspect that any attacks on Americans or vessels in the Persian Gulf are in fact the result of Jewish false flag terrorism. The Jews have in place plans to carry out numerous false flag attacks on our nuclear power plants, oil infrastructure (which is highly vulnerable to such attacks) and to detonate dirty bombs. I have been observing for several years that the Jews desire to dump nuclear bombs on Iran, and a nuclear attack of any kind would serve them as a pretext to bomb Iran with nuclear bombs. The Jews will surely provide such a pretext.

The Cabalah calls for a war on Iran. The Jews are drooling blood in expectation that it will come soon.