Friday, January 25, 2013

Israel Is Preparing to Aggressively and Illegally Bomb Iran


Israel is about to bomb Iran. Iran will strike back against Israel. Fifth column filth including Rand Paul will then claim that Iran is attacking Israel and America, as if it were an unprovoked and aggressive attack, by the act of defending itself from illegal Israeli aggression.

Israel has no right to attack Iran. The very threats that Israel makes against Iran are illegal under international law.

Israel will be attacking the United States when it attacks Iran because the jews know full well that such an attack will lead America into war. Will you help me to build a political party to confront the jewish subversion of our nation and save ourselves from the jews' war on humanity? Will you at the very least help to spread the word that when Israel attacks Iran, the US is not obliged to attack anyone but the aggressive Israelis when the Iranians defend themselves from Israel's illegal aggression?

Do you have any worth as a human being that you sit idly by and let this all happen to you and the World? Or are you just what the jews have trained you to be, their willing accomplices?