Thursday, January 31, 2013

Israel Would Not Attack Syria Without Controlling US and Turkish Fifth Column Support


Israel would not attack Syria if it did not feel confident that it had complete control over the US Government. They are certain they have the ability to draw America into any war which erupts between Israel and Syria and Iran. But Syria is no problem for them, not because they have the ability to draw upon American backing alone, but rather because Turkey is itching to intervene on Israel's behalf. In addition, the jews have in place plans to launch false flag attacks around the world and horrendous attacks within the USA.

Iran is obliging Israel's desire for war. It is obvious that the Iranian Government is as coopted as is ours. Note that their media propaganda in America is written by known agents of the jews, and that their press releases in general are so poorly written as to be obvious instances of self sabotage.

Iran has pledged itself to declare war on any nation which attacks Syria. Israel would be better to served to let Syria weaken itself before attacking it, if Syria were the jews ultimate target, but it is not. The jews want a pretext to attack Iran and to draw in America, Turkey and NATO.

They will soon have it, and Iran is helping them to do it.