Friday, January 04, 2013

Jewish False Flag Blowback from the Coming Attack on Iran


As I have been warning people since 2005, the Jews are planning to attack Iran. Note that the Jews now openly admit this plan and most importantly state that their attack will trigger retaliatory Iranian terrorism around the World, and Iranian attacks on targets of opportunity wherever they may arise.

Undoubtedly, some such Iranian counter-attacks will occur, but the majority of these supposedly Iranian attacks will instead be false flag attacks by the Jews on Americans, Arabs and Europeans. The Jews will dump dirty bombs on us and attack nuclear facilities to poison us, and the Jews will blame the Iranians for these attacks. This will quench the Jewish bloodlust to murder us, and it will be intended to drive us to drop nuclear bombs on Iran. This could easily lead to a nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan, and quite quickly lead to the Jews' planned global nuclear war.