Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jews Love Buzzwords: Meet Yair Lapdog. . . Lapid


The chairman of the Yesh Atid Party, Yair Lapdog, uhm, Lapid is about to be kicked upstairs to become the PR man for Netanyahu and Likud. The Jews love buzzwords, especially ones which evoke emotion and stand between reason and the brain. They save the jews the painful burden of trying to be creative and promote their ingroup mentality.

The new buzzword of choice is "red line". Red like commie, red like Rothschild, red like blood, the jews' drink of choice. Yair Lapdog has presented his "red lines" for anointing Netanyahu as head of the undead. Lapdog demands that Netanyahu draft the ultra-Orthodox head bobbers, something Netanyahu already planned to do, and that Netanyahu engage in peace talks, something Netanyahu can sabotage at any time by having Mossad commit a false flag.

Yair Lapdog is fresh meat, soft clay Netanyahu will mold in his image. I cannot help but suspect this was done by design to create a false impression of Israel as if a moderate State.

It is truly amazing how the media sought to distance Israel and Jewry from Netanyahu immediately after his victory. But in what sense is Lapdog a moderate, a just man, a friend of peace? Has he called for reparations for Palestinians? Has he demanded that Netanyahu be prosecuted for his crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank? Has he demanded that Israel abide by UN Resolutions and the fundamental precepts of human decency? No, but he has a nice smile! Shakespeare reminded us to beware the smiling man. Beware the jew lapdog Yair Lapid.

Lapid has not stated his position on Iran, as far as I know. What are the red lines in his bloodthirsty jewish eyes? As far as I know, all he has done is agree with Netanyahu, or add to his political leverage against both left and right to expand Israel's military. The jews need the ultra-Orthodox in the Army as a demographic reality. Their numbers are growing. They will also add the Kosher salt to the Army which will further radicalize it and teach it the religious justifications for its genocidal inhumanity.

Don't be taken in by the spit and polish of the Lapdog Yair. It hides a rabid jew foaming at the mouth for blood.