Monday, January 28, 2013



In our supposed democracy, the masses do not rule, rather a tiny minority of jewish tyrunts runs the nation. The will of the masses does not influence the jews, rather the jews attempt to manufacture the will of the masses, and that failing simply ignore the desires of the oppressed mass majority.

Our present elected leaders do not represent the best interests of the majority, rather they take orders from the jewish tyrunts who corruptly placed them in power. These elected misrepresentatives are not our leaders, rather they are a fifth column of jews accompanied by Gentile slaves implementing the will of the jewish tyrunts.

The jews often are successful at molding public opinion to comply with their jewish objectives and thereby make it appear that public officials represent the public will. Jews control the media and with it elections. Jews control campaign financing and with it candidates.

So we must define our leaders differently from the way jews have defined American leadership. Our leaders must have a will of their own, regardless of the will of the majority. Our leaders exist to lead the majority, not follow it. Our leaders must have a vision of their own which guides the masses in a safe direction. Our leaders exist to promote our interests, not the status quo interests of the ruling jewish tyrunts.

The jewish media will attempt to portray our leaders as if they are out of step with the majority. The jewish media will attempt to misrepresent our leaders as if their goals are destructive to the will, and therefore best interests, of the masses, though the argument is fallacious on its face given that the masses are headed toward their own destruction and know it. The jews will attempt to confound the vision of our leaders with that of those whom they have demonized in the eyes of the masses.

Our leaders must meet these challenges by controlling the debate and refusing to define themselves and the issues in the enemy's terms. Most importantly, our leaders must direct the masses, not be led by them nor the jewish rot that has filled their heads. Our leaders must present themselves as champions of their own ideas, not guardians of the jews' dogma. The contrast will be strong and immediately apparent. Dogma cannot compete with dynamic creativity.

Our leaders must not be afraid to frankly state that the consensus opinion is wrong and they will not bend or bow to it simply because the majority stubbornly and foolishly hold to it. Most importantly our leaders must not hesitate to presume to speak for the best interests of the majority over and above their popular opinions, and so speak for the majority as its leader not its megaphone, especially when the majority stand opposed to our leaders due to the majority's conditioning by the jews.

A leading minority, even a minority of one, can easily direct the affairs and course of a subservient majority. If you doubt it, look at what the jewish minority has done to control not only our country, but the entire world. We must not hesitate to impose our leading will over the masses and we must never apologize for doing so. It is our duty as well as our right to lead. When the jewish tyrunts question our right to lead those who do not agree with us, we will simply state that we are leading America not following behind it.