Thursday, January 31, 2013

Netanyahu Is Creating the Conditions for Scapegoating the USA for an Israeli False Flag Attack on Iran


Netanyahu, Kissinger and other prominent jews are telling the world that Israel cannot effectively destroy Iran's nuclear capabilities and therefore the US must do so. These jews want it to appear that any attack on Iran will come from America, so that when Israel hits Iran the world will suspect the USA, not Israel.

The traitor and jewish puppet Obama has supplied Israel with American weapons to attack Iran. The Israelis will attack and deny that they have done so, and instead use the media and their politicians to scapegoat America.

The jews have always scapegoated the Goyim for their crimes. It is a national religious rite that they perform yearly, and they have created the myth that the chief god of the Goyim, Sammael, accepts a goat once a year and places all the sins of all the jews on the heads of the Goyim. Scapegoating others, and especially doing so to manufacture wars by pitting peoples against each other, is a jewish religious duty.

Such is America's curse for blessing the jews with military supplies.

Benjamin Netanyahu 'says Israel strike on Iran would have limited effect'