Sunday, January 13, 2013

On 22 January 2013, Israel Will Become Judah, and America and Canada Will Become Israel


On 22 January 2013, the facade of secular and cultural Zionism will be lifted and the Nation of Israel will reveal itself as a theocracy and the successful fulfilment of a 2,500 year old battle in the Jews' war on the World. The tribe of Judah will shed its secular skin and the snake will show its covered head and bare its fangs in Zion.

The Jews of America and Canada will become Israel, the dispersed carrying on the political mission of the Jews to destroy the Goyim, the Nations and their gods. The exile of Judah will end and the Jews will attempt to build a Temple in Jerusalem, chase all Goys out of Jerusalem and chase all Palestinians out of the West Bank.

Moshiach ben Joseph, Netanyahu, will fulfill his role as war king of the Jews and attack Iran. All Christians will be chased out of the Middle East or genocided.

The Jews of Israel will be told that America and the World has abandoned them. They will be told that Israel will have to control oil to finance itself. The attack on Iran will provide the oil revenue and kill off America and Europe as White Nations of the Goyim.

The body of the snake will wag its tail and scatter Africans and Asians around the globe, chasing them into Europe, the USA and Canada. Sinai and Gaza will become part of Judea and then the Jews will claim Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc. expanding into "Greater Israel". Japan will increasingly cede control to China, and Pakistan will attack the idolatrous Hindus of India, on behalf of the Jews.

The World will dramatically change on 22 January 2013, and not for the better. Secular and cultural Zionism were always a scam, and that fact will become crystal clear on 22 January 2013.