Monday, January 28, 2013

On the Importance of White Sovereignty: UNITE AND FIGHT!


I agree with Aristotle and Lincoln, that sovereignty exists in the citizen himself, and not in the territory or government. This perspective makes sovereignty a function of genetics.

Our Constitution is a glue that binds us together uniting and homogenizing our society to the point where we can function as a unit for our common benefit, but it is not the only glue, nor is it the strongest adhesive, which connects us. It is simply a set of abstractions that help us to guide our actions and form an agreement among us that we are pledged to honor. We honor the Constitution first and foremost because we love ourselves and it serves our self-interest to unite with others like us.

Nations have always formed placing common genes as the foundational bond. This is human nature and nature in general follows this important rule. We love ourselves and so we love our brothers and sisters. We will fight for ourselves, and so we will fight for our common blood. To lose this bond is to lose our humanity.

The jews have tried to corrupt our sense of sovereignty to mean that we are united not by blood, but by attitudes and beliefs, and therefore we should open our borders to any human who pledges to think like us. The jews have further corrupted our notions of sovereignty to prioritize the notion that there is no common ideal among us other than multiculturalism, and therefore we must let every human being into our nation regardless of the makeup of their blood or the makeup of their culture, creed and beliefs.

The jews are undermining our White sovereignty, and in so doing are corrupting our genes, our culture, our creed and our beliefs. The jews are genociding us, deliberately and with full force.

One of the benefits the jews gain from eroding our sovereignty and our genes is the means to rule over us and use all that we are and all that we have for their purposes. A friend has sent me a link to the following video which evinces one of the ways the jews are subverting our sovereignty:

US Government Hostage to Israel? | Interview with Mark Bruzonsky

The jews have us committing genocide not only against other peoples, but against ourselves. We have to exclude them and fight them with the full force of our State if we are to survive. We also have to restore a sound demographic of Whites in proportion to non-Whites and deport the majority of those who have entered our borders in the past ten years.

We can only accomplish these objectives if we work together and return to our nature, which has enabled our people to survive through millennia of foreign attacks. America was founded as a White nation to unite White men for their common good and the preservation of their common genes. It was not created as a refuge, or a dumping grounds, nor as an open border park for the world to come and go as they please regardless of our wishes.

People with different blood have always sought to take our lands and rob us of our women and children. That is the nature of reality and it will never change. Only we can defend ourselves as our ancestors defended themselves and so created us. It is now our duty to carry on the battle of survival and it is generally far easier for us than it was for our ancestors. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and instead UNITE AND FIGHT!