Friday, January 18, 2013

Physical Problems Require Physical Solutions


Jewry is a physical problem, a parasitic and predatory biological threat to human life. We must answer this physical threat not with abstractions, beliefs, isms or ideals, but with physical force.

There are not so very many Jews in the World. By their nature, they segregate and concentrate their members. By their nature and habits, they insist upon maintaining their Jewishness, which distinguishes them from normal human beings. They are virulently nationalistic as well as brutally internationalistic. This creates weaknesses for them, as well as strengths.

They have spread out across the nations, as the devil commanded them to do in the Old Testament. This makes them a powerful influence on the minds of many peoples, but physically speaking, it thins them out and makes them indefensible targets for the American military.

Their hypernationalism has concentrated them in an unproductive and indefensible small country. The physical reality is that their country can be annihilated in one day, or held in submission in perpetuity.

We must apply scientific principles to addressing the threat the Jews pose to our continued existence and to our liberty. The solutions are obvious and require the mere application of national force to succeed. We must fight back against the Jews who are warring against us with the full force of the American military.