Friday, January 25, 2013

Post Election, the Claws Come Out


Rand Paul has stated his Israel first foreign policy. I bet that the sniveling rodent can't wait to blow up the Dome of the Rock and build a temple to the devil above the wailing wall where he goes to pray. John Kerry-Kohn has threatened to attack Iran.

Now that the election is over in Israel, the Jews are again using American politics as a tool to mold Israeli political opinion to assist Netanyahu in forming a coalition to attack Iran and rob the Palestinians of more of their disappearing land, to bankrupt America and Islam, and to instigate WW III. Americans, largely having been drained of their sense of national honor by the jews, fail to understand how they are being insulted, ruined and subverted by the jews.

The jews are dusting off their war drums and firing up their jingoistic puppet politicians in America. They are trotting out the old war horse lie that Iran is "weeks" away from completing a nuclear bomb. This one trick pony has been whinnying and whining this exact same proven lie for years on end, and it is the identical falsehood the jews leveled at Iraq before they leveled Iraq and while the jews genocided half a million Iraqi children.

Never forget that the primary objective of the jews' wars against Muslims is the destruction of America. Are you willing to do something about this? I have been publicly fighting jewry for years, where were you, pushing their agenda and controlled opposition as if they would save us?