Wednesday, January 30, 2013

POWER PARTY Proposal for Humanely and Productively Resolving the Hispanic Invasion of the USA


History teaches us that nations which allow or actively promote demographic changing immigration end with their native population being subsumed by the immigrants. Asian immigrants should be deported back to Asia. African immigrants should be deported back to Africa. Etc.

But should we deport Mexicans back to the dysfunctional nation of Mexico? Deporting Mexicans back to Mexico only accomplishes their expulsion from our country, and then only temporarily in many instances. The labor is lost, expenses are incurred and nothing other than removal is accomplished. It has been a very wasteful and unproductive process in the past.

South America and Africa contain vast lands which could be productively farmed if the labor were provided for the endeavor. Mexicans deported and transported to South America could be isolated if we reclaim the Panama Canal. We could arrange with the governments of Argentina and Chile among others to cooperate and create enormously profitable organic farming and ranching in these nations and the Mexicans would also benefit and we would guarantee their fair share in the profits. We ourselves would benefit from these healthy foods, and the restoration of a favorable demographic balance in America.

With the Mexican population reduced in America, we would have an easy time eliminating the gangs and cutting off the flow of drugs. At the same time, we would work with the Mexican government to industrialize Mexico and make it healthy and productive.

We might also be able to establish Latin American agricultural colonies in Africa with similar objectives and means. Within a few decades, we could substantially reduce the population in Mexico and leave it ripe for an expansion of American borders, opening up the door to a White North America for Whites to live in perpetuity in security.

I believe this would be a far more productive plan for everyone involved, than the current jewish design to turn North America into a dumping grounds for the Third World.