Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shuffling the Israeli House of Cards: Don't Believe the Hype


The left leaning Jewish mass media is engaging in a PR campaign for Israel. They are making it appear that Netanyahu has been weakened by the elections, while conceding that he is likely going to remain Prime Minister.

The Israeli Knesset is composed of a sliced pie of various parties. It is not unusual for the electorate to shuffle their votes among the various parties each election cycle. Netanyahu called for early elections to afford the opportunity for such a change.

Kadima is the big loser of this change and The Jewish Home and Yesh Atid are the winners, together with Netanyahu. The leftist media is pretending that Yesh Atid's apparent victories are a blow to Netanyahu, but such is not likely to be the case.

The aggressive theft of Palestinian territory will continue and it will be the Palestinians who will be forced to try to form a coalition in the Knesset against it, not Netanyahu, who will need no coalition to continue the illegal aggression, but will instead profit politically from being the ringmaster of the fight. What chance do the Palestinians have?

Yesh Atid is not so much a political party with a strong platform, as a cult of personality centered around actor Yair Lapid, who has presented no vision for change. He is instead a jumble of glittering generalities which favor Netanyahu and the warhawks. Lapid wants the economy to improve, inviting in the bankers who are stretching their jaws and waiting in the wings to feast on the carrion of the election. More money in Israel means a stronger war chest.

Lapid also favors conscripting the ultra-Orthodox into the military which will further strengthen and radicalize it. The Talmud thumpers with beards and covered heads will preach to the Orthodox, Reformed and Secular jews the "Torah" instructions on how to genocide the Palestinians and take over the World. The "True Torah" of these fanatics includes the Talmud and Cabalah, and is by no means limited to the law of Moses, but defers to the authority of the rabbis in all things.

Likud, which unabashedly joined forces with Yisrael Beiteinu a continuation of Jabotinsky's terrorist Zionism, apparently has garnered almost a quarter of the vote, making it, Netanyahu's party, the big boy on the block. The media is spinning this as if Netanyahu must make concessions to remain in power so as to ease international tensions in the media's campaign of PR for Israel, but their analysis is not only flawed, it is absurd. Because Netanyahu runs the winning party, it is the other parties who must come to him with offers.

Netanyahu failed to win an overwhelming mandate, but we must wonder if this is by design so as to provide cover for Israel. The timing of the election is the key to understanding the break down of votes. Netanyahu has set a time table for attacking Iran of mid-Summer 2013. The early election kicked out Kadima and created Yesh Atid. It gives Netanyahu's war cry legitimacy as Israeli policy to the jews.

It would be helpful, though impossible, to know exactly how the voters from one party sent their votes to another party, precisely how the vote was reshuffled. In any event, let the genocidal jews learn from this election that the World is against them and wants to contain their aggression, and that jewish media is forced to cater to this reality.

It is not incumbent upon Likud Yisrael Beiteinu to redefine itself, they already favor conscripting ultra-Orthodox jews and doing so will favor their war plans and further radicalize Israel. The burden instead rests with the personality cult Yesh Atid to take on some meaningful substance, which it will be reluctant to do.