Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So You Say You Want a Revolution?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

http://www.jewishracism.com [CENSORED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH]


Americans are among the most violent and merciless people on earth. Compare American children's cartoons with cartoons from Soviet Russia, and you will see that we tend to be even more brutal than were they.

The Russians, and the Chinese the Jews imported into Russia for the purpose, skinned each other alive and slaughtered tens of millions of their own best countrymen. Think of what the Jews have in store for us, if you are stupid enough to oblige their provocations.

So you have a .223 Rem. semi-auto with a 30 shot magazine, a scoped .308 Win., several pistols and a couple of shotguns. They have chemical, nuclear and biological weapons. They can poison the land, air and water and create a famine that will never end. What are you going to do with civilian small arms and civilian ammunition to defeat a famine, a biological, chemical and nuclear attack on the American People? What are you going to do when ten million Red Chinese come at you with military force?

Do you have night vision equipment to pass out to millions of Americans? Do you have communications equipment and satellites for an entire army?

Your Jewish friends will try to reassure you that a revolution will be quick and successful, because you have so many "guns", and because the military will side with you. They will quote an Imperial Japanese statement about Americans with a gun behind every blade of grass. Those Japanese were mostly armed with bolt action Arisaka rifles, not chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. The Arisaka held five rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber. The fastest they could reload was with 5-round stripper clips. They did not have advanced communications and spy satellites, or night vision equipment.

Why would think the American military would refuse to fight rebels who murdered children and raped helpless women? Or are you so naive that you fail to realize that the Jews will create propaganda and perform videoed false flag attacks which will accuse you of committing atrocities? American soldiers will see only what the State wants them to see. There will be no more internet or civilian communications. The State will control ALL mass media. The soldiers will hate you!

Do you suppose Europeans will come to save you? The British, who have repeatedly gone to war against us, are no longer even British. The Germans have been repeatedly attacked by America and we have nuclear weapons pointed at the Russians. The Jews, as it were, have us surrounded by our own White kinfolk.

Grow up, stupid. The Jews are our tyranny, not our government or our nation. Fight the Jews with the full force of the American military(period)