Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Big Jews Want Netanyahu and the Religious Fanatics to Win and Win Big


Barack Obama is participating in political theater designed to ensure that Netanyahu and religious Zionism not only win the day in the coming Israeli elections, but win big, really, really, really big. Of course, the comments attributed to Obama are so mild as to be innocuous, but the Jews pretend to be so hypersenitive that anything short of a warm tongue in the backside is played up as if a call for a pogrom in the Jewish press, a redundancy in today's world.

Why is there no outrage about "leaks" attributing comments to Obama and no call for an investigation? The answer is that all of this is scripted and staged to guarantee an anticipated result in the elections. The New York Times and Fox News reports could not make all of this any clearer:

One especially obnoxious fact emerges from this show. The Jews have an advantage over us, in that the Jews in America pretend that they are not representatives of Israel and in this manner Netanyahu attempts to feign indignation that the US is interfering in Israeli politics, when in point of fact it is Israel which is manipulating US politics and Obama's comments are scripted by Jews to serve their interests in Israel and are engineered to benefit Netanyahu. Why do the big Jews want Netanyahu and the religious fanatics of Israel to win a mandate? What course have they chartered, and why is Obama obliging the Jews to make Israelis feel isolated from their complete control over American politicians?

Netanyahu does not hide his agenda. Every chance he gets, Netanyahu calls for war on Iran and the theft of more Palestinian territory. Netanyahu's justifications and pretexts are laughably false, but do we ever hear Obama, who is supposedly opposed to Netanyahu's policies, clearly state why Netanyahu is wrong? Of course not! Obama is working for the same Jews who will put Netanyahu back in power, and with a clear mandate, who put Obama back in power, and with a weak mandate.

It is Israel, not Iran, which possesses nuclear weapons in violation of international law and the security interests of the United States of America. Obama illegally supplied Israel with more arms and did nothing to curtail Israel's aggression and war plans. Israel is violating international law as it steals more of the Palestinian's land. Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians, but will Obama ever say that?

Why do the big Jews want Netanyahu and the religious fanatics to win and win big? It appears that they want to attack Iran and build a Temple to the devil in place of the Dome of the Rock. The Jewish king wants to sit on his throne in Jerusalem, a Jerusalem which is not polluted by a single unclean Goy soul. The Jews want to fill the Temple and Jerusalem with all the gold of the World and make it the international bank of gold credits for their new fractional reserve international bank that will empower them to rule the World from Zion, creating famine and depression at will over the entire surface of the planet. Do you still not comprehend that Zionism is Judaism?

When you see famous Americans in yarmulkes praying at the Wailing Wall know what this signifies. They are pledging allegiance to the devil and are calling for the destruction of the Dome of the Rock. This is a call to arms for all Jews and for Freemasons. Freemasons are pledged to build the "Third" Temple of Solomon to the devil. The evil Old Testament clearly states that Solomon employed devils and foreign gods to build the first, which is why the Jews are quite comfortable with the Christian Zionist and Freemasonic support they have manufactured. When a Goy dons a yarmulke and humbly begs at the Wailing Wall, he is pledging support for the Jews' planned Temple and to help the Jews eviscerate Islam and subjugate the World, viz. Zionist supremacy for the Jews and Bolshevist slavery and extinction for humanity, i.e. Judaism made real.

No matter how many Jewish mouthpieces in the "alternative" media try to use you to forward the Jews' genocidal agenda, do not ever doubt that Obama does whatever and only what the Jews tell him to do. Hagel and Kerry (Kohn) are the same type of Jewish puppets. They are all traitors and completely controlled agents of the enemy. Note that the "alternative" media speaks with one voice to state the absurd and evidently has a centralized source issuing its press releases and memos defining its commentary. That is what the Jews do.

The supposed calls from the White House to rein in Israel are quite the opposite. They are marching orders to the Jews to unleash hell on earth. And Hell is coming, unless you finally do something. Hell is boiling just under the crust and will very soon spray fire over us all, unless you finally do something.