Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Coming Fertility Wars


The jews are poisoning and irradiating Whites in millions of ways. They are deliberately sterilizing us.

As miscegenation becomes increasingly popular due to jewish advertising and control of our laws, and as Whites are made increasingly infertile, Whites will be encouraged to carry non-White babies and raise them through the process of in vitro fertilization using Whites as surrogate mothers. This will become mandatory even for fertile White couples, such that Whites will become breeders of non-Whites. Gays and Lesbians will lead the way in this push that genocides Whites.

In a crisis, we could potentially turn the tables and use non-Whites for surrogates of White babies and double our populations in one year by paying non-White mothers to perform this service. This would increase our numbers while tying up non-White women from making non-White babies. I am not advocating this, because nature is unkind to those who interfere in her work, and I do not know the long term effects or possibility of interracial in vitro fertilization with surrogate mothers.

But I am warning my White brothers and sisters that this is coming and it will be one of many factors that will eliminate us if we do not guard our own kind from extinction. If the jews succeed in their plans to instigate a nuclear WW III where Whites mutually destroy each other, the infertility of Whites will become a fait accompli.