Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Final Solution Option: JUSTICE!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

http://www.jewishracism.com [CENSORED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH]


The genocidal Jews have threatened the World with their "Samson Option". This illusion hangs over our heads like a sword of the damned, the damned flaming cowards cursed by their own cowardice to stew in the eternal fires of fear, bubbling, boiling and floating atop the lakes of hell without ever changing a damn thing for the better.

Let us who are not afraid remind the genocidal Jews that we will find them, wherever they may hide, no matter how many times they change their phony names or pretend to change their ways, we will find them when we win the power of the American Government to declare war on the Jews. And we will exact justice, final justice.

What do the Jews have to fear from Justice? Are the scales tipped against them? How many innocents have the bloodthirsty Jews butchered, raped and maimed, that they would run from the god of retribution? What pools of blood did the mass murderers of Jewry spill in America, Young Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, China and across the World in Two World Wars? How deep are the lakes of blood in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Lybia and Syria, that the genocidal Jews would fear to drown in their own deeds? Why will the Jews who threaten us with extinction tremble at my words and seek to suppress them, these vile Jewish vampires with their rotten fangs deep in the neck of all that is human, good and right?

Ask yourselves, Americans, why are there humanity ending nuclear weapons pointed at us? How have we wronged the Russians and Chinese? How have we wronged the Jews, that they threaten to end our existence? Why aren't we blessed for saving the Jews from the "Nazis"? Who created these genocidal weapons of mass death that are aimed at us? Who pointed them at our doorstep?

And who aimed our nuclear weapons at the Russians and Chinese? Why do the Russians and Chinese even have these humanity ending weapons? Why do we?

In each horrible instance the answer to these horrific questions is the same three lettered curse on mankind, the "JEW". And we have not only tolerated these murderous fiends among us out of the kindness of our human hearts, we foolishly let them guide us toward the grave.

But the final solution option is at hand. It is nothing other than justice and we will soon mete it out with the full force of the American military.