Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Gold "Color Revolution" in America, Organized and Financed by Jewish Billionaires, Er Uh. . . Trillionaires


The Obama Presidency has been an unceasing incitement to revolution, by design. I pointed this out back in 2008 in a couple of articles, and then many times after that:

Jewry Stabs America in the Back and Openly Steals 700 Billion Dollars from the American People: A Deliberate Provocation to an American Revolution, October 03, 2008

The Jews Are Provoking Us to Revolution, Much Like They Did to Russia in 1905 and 1917, November 19, 2008

The jews know that it will be much easier to provoke Whites to revolt against a Mulatto usurper whom they falsely portray as if a Muslim and a Marxist, then it would be to incite Whites to revolt against a White usurper President. The jews used Ron Paul, who is their boy, to plant the seeds of the idea of revolution, but did not want him to win, because his followers would not revolt against him. They also chose McCain and Romney to be weak candidates to ensure Obama's success, as they had done in his Illinois Senate election campaign.

I recently wrote that Piers Morgan was chosen as the posterboy for gun grabbers so that the jews can scapegoat the British for their attack on our rights meant to incite us to revolution, but I forget to mention the subliminal aspect that the American psyche is conditioned to view American revolution as a revolution against the British. Obama again incites us to revolt by attacking our Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms.

The immigration issue is another provocation to White Americans to revolt. The kist is long and will grow longer.

Make no mistake about it, the jewish billionaires want there to be a revolution in American so they can destroy us and wipe their behinds with the Constitution. They are trying to provoke a Third World War, and if they succeed will only increase their efforts to drive us to revolution. They are deliberately making our lives miserable so that we revolt. We should instead take control of the government and use it to remove the source of the pain.