Monday, January 14, 2013

The Hagelian Dialectic [sic. . . to my stomach!]


Disloyal Jew Chuck Schumer is scheduled to meet with Chuck Hagel to demand that he prostrate himself before the feted Jew and before Israel. Crypto-Israeli Schumer is set to interrogate Hagel and force him to bow down before the Jew and beg forgiveness. The fact that Bagel, I mean Hagel would submit to this disgraceful and obsequious display, this disgusting Jewish subversion of American politics, demonstrates that Hagel is as Kosher as they come.

How dare anyone, let alone a disloyal Jew, insist that a Presidential nominee grovel before Israel, a hostile foreign nation, before being considered as a viable candidate for the post, especially given the fact that Israel is the most aggressive enemy of the United States of America in the World? And how dare Hagel submit to this supreme act of Jewish arrogance?

Or will Hagel spit in the Jew's face and call him what he is, a disloyal Jew and enemy of the American People? Will Hagel tell Schumer that he plans to recommend to the Commander in Chief that America declare war on our archenemy Israel?

Why is it that the usual suspects in the Jewish controlled "alternative" media took such a strong interest in Hagel and declared that he would be our salvation? Hagel will have no power to save anyone if made Secretary of Defense, as he will only be an advisor to Obama, who has heavily armed our enemy Israel. So why the hoopla and hullabaloo over Hagel?

It was for Jewish and especially Israeli consumption to help the Jews to elect the most hawkish and religiously Zionist government yet in the land of the Jew. It was to help the Jews falsely portray Hagel as the glory boy of anti-Semites to sway the elections in Israel in favor of fanatics for fear that America would no longer serve Israel. It was to prep the Israeli public for an attack on Iran.

However the meeting with the Jew Prefect ultimately plays out, the meeting of Hagel and Schumer is theater of the same sort. The fact that Hagel subjects himself to this mistreatment by an enemy soldier of Israel, who is a leading member of the Jews' fifth column in Congress, is a disgrace for Hagel and for our country, especially in light of the fact that he is being misrepresented as if someone who has stood up against the Jewish subversion of our nation.

Hagel knows that Schumer does not put America's best interests first. Hagel is worse than Schumer for entertaining the idea that he is obliged to answer to Israel for an American post.