Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Jew World Order as Described 2,000 Years Ago by Philo the Jew

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

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Christians are so deluded by their Jewish beliefs, that it is difficult for them to understand that much of what is iterated in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was also stated 2,500 years ago in the Jewish Old Testament. But Philo the Jew understood what was written by his ancestors, and put it into the Greek language with a delicate veil covering the Jewish desire to destroy Rome, so that it would not so readily offend the Romans. The intervening 2,000 years of the Jews' war on humanity makes clear what exactly it was Philo the Jew meant to say (I wish a better translation of the Greek were readily available):

"(173) And if you are unwilling to contemplate the fortunes of particular men, think upon the changes, whether for the better or for the worse, of whole countries and nations. At one time Greece was flourishing, but the Macedonians took away the power of that land; then, in turn, Macedonia became mighty, but that, being divided into small portions became weak, until at last it was entirely extinguished. (174) Before the time of the Macedonians the Persians prospered, but one day overthrew their exceeding and extensive prosperity. And now the Parthians are more powerful than the Persians, who a little while ago were their masters, ever were; and those who were their subjects are now masters. Once, and for a very long time, Egypt was a mighty empire, but its great dominion and glory have passed away like a cloud. What has become of the Ethiopians, and of Carthage, and of the kingdoms of Libya? Where now are the kings of Pontus? (175) What has become of Europe and Asia, and, in short, of the whole of the inhabited world? Is it not tossed up and down the agitated like a ship that is tossed by the sea, at one time enjoying a fair wind and at another time being forced to battle against contrary gales? (176) For the divine Word brings round its operations in a circle, which the common multitude of men call fortune. And then, as it continually flows on among cities, and nations, and countries, it overturns existing arrangements and gives to one person what has previously belonged to another, changing the affairs of individuals only in point of time, in order that the whole world may become, as it were, one city, and enjoy the most excellent of constitutions, a democracy."
Philo Judaeus, translated by C. D. Yonge, "The Unchangeableness of God" (Quod Deus immutabilis sit), XXXVI, 173-176. Colored emphasis added.

World government is a Jewish goal and has been for thousands of years. The Jews ascribe this plan to the divine, the Logos, the Jews' devilish god, the Book, the Old Testament. But brainwashed Christians refuse to look at the truth and see the Jew.