Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Jews Are Our Misfortune, NOT the Constitution

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

http://www.jewishracism.com [CENSORED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH]


The Jews are not so concerned that you revolt against the government, per se. They want you to revolt against the Constitution in the name of defending it and in so doing provide a pretext for the Jews to assume absolute Bolshevik control over the nation, thereby transforming America into the anti-thesis of its Constitutional foundation.

The Jews hate your Goy liberties and always have. The Jews insist you not state your thoughts in public. The Jews insist you not carry or even own guns. The Jews insist you accept perversion and unnatural acts as if proper and normal. The Jews insist you NOT create or control your own money supply. And all this repression is engineered to drive you to revolt against the Constitution which secures these rights, so that the Jews can wipe their filthy bottoms with your glorious declaration of rights.

The Jews turn your rights upside down. They exploit your right of free speech to speak against you and your nation. The Jews create vile media to poison your mind and turn you against your own kind. The Jews exploit your right to own and carry arms, only to arm you to kill one another. The Jews exploit your right to vote to place their puppets in government by exploiting your rights to a marketplace, money supply and media, all to rob you of your wealth, political rights to self determination and media.

But do not blame your rights for the Jews' war on them. Blame yourselves for tolerating an aggressive enemy in your midst and at the head of your government.

The Jews want you to revolt so that you kill each other, shred the Constitution and enable them to create a true Bolshevik government in the ruins of what was once America. The Jews are our tyranny and our misfortune. We are blessed to have the Constitution and our Nation and Government the Constitution creates for our benefit. The Jews are our problem, not our Nation or our rights.

If we were to create a National Rights Association to compete with the Jewish dominated National Rifle Association, then we could stress the importance of all of our most meaningful rights and how they function together to secure our liberty. We could also make it crystal clear how the Jews are at the forefront of the attack on all these mutually supporting rights.

It is the Jews who corrupted our right to create and control our money. It is the Jews who seek to silence our right to free speech. It is the Jews who place us into self destructive treaties and engage us in self destructive wars. It is the Jews who attack our rights to keep and bear arms, while provoking us to commit acts of violence against each other.

The Jews are engaged in a full scale war against us. When are you going to war back and exercise, not just defend, our rights?

The Chuck Hagel debacle is a terrible blow to our nation. It sends a message to all would be patriots to grovel before the Jews. It is a theater beyond absurd. The little rat Hagel could have told the enemy Jew to go to hell from whence it came. That would have sent the proper message to American politicians. Instead, as was planned from the beginning, he served as example serving the enemy. What a scum traitor this Hagel is. He is the perfect example of why we must stand up for our rights and stand up for our nation, rather than rebel against that which defines us as free men.