Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Jews Don't Want America to Win, or Even to Survive, the Coming Third World War

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

http://www.jewishracism.com [CENSORED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH]


The Jewish manufactured First World War resulted in the destruction of the Russian Empire (through Jewish "revolution"), the destruction of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the destruction of the Turkish Empire. The Jews used the strategy of "propaganda of the deed" to bring about revolution in Russia, while WW I was being fought. It caused the rise of the German, Italian and Japanese Empires.

The Jewish manufactured Second World War resulted in the destruction of the German, Italian and Japanese Empires. It caused the rise of the American and Bolshevik Empires.

The Jews are currently using the strategy of "propaganda of the deed" to bring about a destructive revolution in America, which will occur during the coming Jewish manufactured Third World War. The Jews manufacture gun violence. At the same time, the Jews use gun violence to cause repressive government action. Concurrently, the Jews foment revolution as a reaction to the repressive government measures they deliberately cause, propose and enact. The Jews are also oppressing the American People with endless war, destructive immigration and economic crises, provoking revolution.

The Jews took similar action against Russia. The Jews committed assassinations, led crippling strikes and brought war against Russia, while cutting off its access to the money markets. The government was forced to take repressive actions, which opportunity the Jews created to use as a means to foment revolution which would make them the absolute masters of the Russian People.

As I predicted would happen, things are heating up between Pakistan and India. The Jews want to chop the heads off of Hindus for their idol worship, and we see this taking place.

Israel has so weakened the Middle East, that it does not need the USA to attack Iran. It has so weakened the USA through war, debt, immigration and economic ruin, that the Jews will have an easy time destroying the USA in the coming Third World War the Jews are about to start. The Jews will try to spark a revolution and civil wars in America during WW III, just as they did to Russia during WW I. The Jews want America to fall and to destroy the American Empire, in favor of an emerging Chinese Empire.

Having been victorious in two Jewish manufactured world wars, Americans foolishly believe they will triumph in the third, but that is not the Jews' plan. Rather, the Jews are creating turmoil, repression and revolution, as well as endless war, in hopes of balkanizing and destroying the United States of America during the Third World War which is about to commence.

I have been warning that this was coming. It is now here and we must all suffer the consequences, because so few are competent or brave enough to help stop it. I would damn you for your cowardice and complacency, but it would be redundant. I suspect things will progress quickly, now. They don't want you putting the pieces together. They want you confused and desperate, like the Czar. And you are.