Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Jews Don't Want to Take Away Your Rights. They Want to Take Away Your Lives, Your Gold and Your Nuclear Weapons

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

http://www.jewishracism.com [CENSORED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH]


The jews are very good at filling your heads with sophomoric drivel which blinds you to physical reality and prevents you from taking action to control the physical world. They have you defining yourselves in isms and abstractions that have nothing to do with your nature, biological needs, or physical mechanisms of self defense.

The jews cannot put your rights in a vault and earn interest on them. They don't want them. But the jews can put you in the grave and never be bothered by you again. They can seize your gold and fill Jerusalem and their temple with it. The genocidal jews can steal away our nuclear weapons to Israel and aim them back at us. For the jews, isms and abstractions are paintings on the tunnel wall that you ponder as they march you into slaughter house. They are after practical physical results, your physical destruction and your goods.

The jews are very good at bs'ing you. They have had thousands of years of practice. Judaism has deep roots in astrology, the sevens they love come from their ancient understanding of the number of planets where the Goy gods reside, 10 apiece. From ancient times to the present, the jews have been hawking astology, ET's in the form of angels, demons and gods, black magic and fortune telling, etc. These are not new manifestations.

The jews have also been the manufacturers and merchants of destructive utopian political, religious, scientific, metaphysical and philosophical theories for thousands of years. Utopian Christianity killed off the European gods and Communism killed off tens of millions of Europeans. The means is mind control and the end is death.

The jews first kill your gods, your thoughts, dreams and means of defining yourselves, so that they can provide self destructive replacements. The jews are killing our American gods. They are destroying our rights, corrupting our sense of national identity and ridiculing and misrepresenting our founders. The murder of our rights and beliefs is only a means, not an end in itself. The jews' goal is to exterminate us.

Once our gods are dead, the jews substitute new idols of their manufacture, in the instant case, Libertarianism and Communitarism, which merge into Jewish totalitarianism in the form of "Galt's Gulch" and "No Labels". They want us pissing in the wind to find a new way to be something, rather than feeling secure in what we are as organisms, the real ism that counts.

As far as the jews are concerned, you have no rights and if you assert any, you are just being uppity and the jews will use your abstract desires, dreams and beliefs to manipulate you into taking physical action, or lead you into inaction, which benefits them. If they want you to gallop, they will give you free rein and a sharp spur in your ass, but it is the jew who rides and the Goy who runs.

The real world situation is war. The jews are killing the White organism, exterminating us. The battlefield has multiple fronts, but the biological enemy is the physical form of the jew. Preserving your other isms will not rescue your organism as long as you fail to eradicate your biological enemy, who has refined the art of the subterfuge of all your idealisms.

The best of means of destroying the enemy is with maximum physical force. Maximum force presently resides in the American military. To control its physical power we must control our government. To control our government, we must control our politics. To control our politics we must organize a war party. This is an urgent matter of life or death, which requires manpower, media and money.

Gun owners are fond of saying that guns don't kill people, people kill people. Know that rights are also mere tools which affect nothing if not guided by our wills to enable us to take real physical action.

We do not need the enemy to acknowledge our rights for us to act, and if we fail to act in the physical world our rights are illusory and an abstract distraction. When you hold a gun in your hand, a jew can tell you that it is not real, but that will not make it unreal. When you hold your rights in your heart, a jew can tell you that you do not have them, but that will not take them away. But if you tell yourself that your rights are enough to protect you and you put down your gun, the bullets in it will accomplish nothing for you and the jew will pick up the gun, aim it at your heart and pull the trigger. Witness the absurdity of the Christian martyr who surrenders himself to execution without a fight believing he has defeated the enemy and death, and that the entrance to paradise passes through the gates of the grave.

Think practically, maximum force is needed to defeat the enemy jew. Maximum force resides in the American military. The American military is already ours. All we need do is organize a political party and win elections and we will have control over the weapons we need to take our freedom, and means to live, with full physical force. We will then not just be talking like hens picking at worms growing fat for the slaughter, we will take physical action to defeat our enemy and to promote our continued existence as White organisms in living space we fully control for our benefit. We can then maximize our Western genius to guarantee our survival and promote the health and expansion of our populations around the World.

We are in a competition with non-Whites for survival and control over our own fate and territory, our own genes. The jews mystify this physical reality by calling it "White racism", so that they can trick us into neglecting to protect our White organism. They do not want to take our rights, which do them no good. They want to take our lives, so that they will ascend to the top of the human ladder, for they view Whites as their only true competition. They want us wasting precious time deliberating over the countless isms they throw at us so that they can bury our White organism under a dark cloud of delusions and mysteries.

Whispers in the wind will accomplish nothing. Whateverism, Judaism, Zionism, Elitism, et ceteraism, the physical organism killing us is called "jew". Our first concern is to take physical action by controlling our government to wage war against our biological enemy.

Think scientifically, not metaphysically. The modern stage is a battlefield, not cosmic gobbledygook littered with jewish abstractions.