Friday, January 04, 2013

The Jews' War on Whites' Rights to Self-Determination


The American Revolution was in fact the mortal struggle of White Men to free themselves from the bonds of servitude the Jewish bankers of Europe wrapped round their necks. White Men of the American colonies fought the Jews for their rights to White self-determination in newly formed White territories. The Jews struck back with Jewish banks, and with the War of 1812 and with the Civil War, but White men of America prevailed and preserved our rights, at least in name, if not in practice.

The Jews quickly learned that demographic changes brought on by immigration and the subversion of the normal reproductive habits of Whites would enable the Jews to rob the Whites of their rights to self-determination. The Jews subverted the American Government and the American thought process and imported millions of Jews from Eastern Europe into America. These Jews took over our press and our universities as well as our government, and waged a constant war on the right of Whites to determine their own fate and the nature of their own society.

The Jews violently oppose the right of any nation to self-determination. All law must come from Sinai and Zion, so spake Isaiah and Moses. All must submit to the Jews and the Jews alone must legislate "morality" to all and it must be universal across the globe, lest the Jews lose their Jewishness in the societies they occupy so as to destroy them. The Jews demand the supremacy not only of power, but also of thoughts and deeds.

The Jews are today aggressively battling against the White Man's rights to self-determination on a national and individual level in America, fundamental rights which are iterated in the US Constitution. It is not enough for the Jews to dominate American politics and discourse. Their noose must become ever tighter and they must choke off all our rights to be ourselves. Our descendants must become creamed coffee browns who slave for "nature" in absolute obedience to Jewish mandates to become unhuman.

It is with sadness of my heart that I inform you gullible "White Nationalists" that your leadership, who recently sold you out to the Jewish Libertarians, are presently dominated by deceitful Communitarians who want to impose a Soviet style internationalism on you by duping you into accepting Jewish Communitarianist ideology in the name of "White Nationalism".

This is yet another Jewish attack on the right of Whites to self-determination. America was created to preserve White human beings rights to self-determination. The present Jewish inspired rhetoric for secession and revolution threatens to become as destructive to our rights as is demographic changing immigration and government legislation emanating from the Jews, which mandates Jewish "morality" be imposed on Whites and which takes away from Whites our right to determine anything for ourselves in submission to the will of non-Whites as dictated to them by the Jews.

Witness how Whites have lost their rights to self-determination in America since the 1950's and look at who sits on the Supreme Court, in the White House, the Congress, and whose voice speaks the loudest in the press. We must insist upon self-determination and we must practice it. This includes ceasing to listen when Jews tell us how to destroy ourselves with revolution and secession.

America is our country. We built it so that we could rule it so that it would serve us, not to be ruled by it in the service of the interests of a foreign enemy who would rule the World.

White self-determination of necessity requires White leadership serving White interests. White self-determination requires White rule and White law. White self-determination requires White pride and subservience to none. Whites must be loyal to Whites and promote White interests above all others. No one will do this for us. We must do it for ourselves by ruling ourselves and determining our own futures.

This is our right. We won it by force of arms and must preserve it by force of will. The Jews must be removed from our presence for they will never cease to destroy our rights to self-determination.

Jewish rule has always brought us oppression, depression and war. It will always bring only slavery and death.

Never be ashamed to declare and insist upon your right to self-determination. It is your only hope for survival. It is our nation's only hope for survival.