Saturday, January 26, 2013

There Are More Threats to Our Genetic Heritage and Fundamental Rights than Miscegenation and Infringement of the 2nd Amendment


I have never been a segregationist. I believe in freedom and my experience, until the elections of Obama as Federal Senator and then President, my experience has been that people naturally self segregate.

I have witnessed what appears to be a rapid and steady rise in the number of mixed children. This was precipitated by an even sharper rise in media sponsorship of miscegenation. The impoverishment of Whites has forced them into increasingly more frequent contact with Blacks and Hispanics, and the invasion of Asians and Hispanics of necessity increases the likelihood of sexual relations between these groups. The adoption of non-Whites has also increased their numbers among us. These influences threaten to genocide Whites in very short order if nothing is done to reverse the trend.

But mixed children are not the only threat to our future generations of Whites. A White woman bearing a genetically defective child, a dead child, or no child at all does no more to perpetuate our people than does a White woman giving birth to a brown child. Genetically Modified Organisms, high divorce rates, toxins, abortion and birth control, low wages, radioactive materials and radiation, smoking and drug abuse, and a slew of other genetically corruptive elements permeate our World.

I think Whites are the most beautiful, cultured, dignified, inventive, creative, just and good natured people on Earth. There are differences between us and others. When interbreeding and other forms of intercourse occurs we lose what we are and the substitute is a poor one. New Yorkers have long had the reputation of being crass, obnoxious and dishonest and they have long been among the most cosmopolitan of our nation. As foreigners invade, I am witnessing a gross degeneration of our society at all levels, sponsored by the jews, but also facilitated by people and cultures different from our own.

I am an American and I do not want these people here in my country. I have a right to my sovereignty and to live among my countrymen without suffering an unwanted invasion of people and cultures foreign, hostile and degenerative to my own. I want my society to continue. That is my right. I don't want them. I want them out.

My nation is not a hotel for the World. If my people are doing better than others, then that is a good thing for me, not a bad thing, and I wish to preserve my good life and pass it on to my children. I have no need nor desire to give away what I have to a foreigner. Their interests are different from and hostile to mine and I do not want them in my national home.

I do not want my rights, my property and my future compromised to accommodate the disunity and degenerative heterogeneity being imposed on my country from the enemies of my nation. I assert my rights to sovereignty and self determination and demand that foreigners be deported and the invasion of my homeland stopped. I insist that the demographic destruction of my nation end.

The same enemy who is attacking my national sovereignty is also attacking White genetics on a broad battlefield where only the jews fight and the Whites lay down and die. The increasing number of CAT scans and other medical procedures destructive to our genes is causing irreversible harm to our people, and this is but one of millions of deliberate attacks on our people. If there were a food in your diet which caused you millions of ailments, you would cut it out, and so the jews must be cut out of society for health to prevail.

The jews are encroaching on our Second Amendment rights, but they are also infringing on our rights to sovereignty, due process of law, privacy, education, health care, independent monetary system, self-determination, survival, free speech, fair and responsible politics, demographic stability, just courts, representative government, trial by our peers, etc. and so goes the long and growing list. As with the attack on our genes, the attack on our rights has a common source. You would not include cyanide in your diet, so why do we tolerate the jews? The diagnosis has been made. There is only one form of treatment, expulsion of the enemy jews from our society.

The jews are convicted by their own words. The treacherous jews on the Supreme Court speak of how they view issues before them not through an American lens, but a jewish supremacist viewpoint. They are our declared and active enemies and it is the height of insanity for us to allow them in our country, let alone in our government.

If you want Whites to live, if you want your daughters to give birth to healthy White children, to remain fertile, to remain free, then you must fight as our ancestors have fought to live for a hundred thousand years by safeguarding our territory and destroying our enemies. Do not bow to the invaders nor the eternal enemy of all nations who opens our gates to the invasion. Fight as those before you fought so that you may exist, so our people will exist in a hundred thousand years. Was the struggle of our ancestors which brought us life in vain? Did they pass along none of the genetic strength which enabled and led them to fight?

In our genes lies the fighting force. We must remove the mental and physical poisons which prevent our will to survive from manifesting itself. We must remove the jew.