Sunday, January 27, 2013

Those Sneaky Jews: How Our Treacherous Israeli "Friends" Are Planning to Scapegoat America for Their Attack on Iran


Ehud Barak has cleverly planted the seeds for scapegoating the USA for Israeli attacks on Iran. In an interview with The Daily Beast Barak accused the US of formulating surgical strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities and nuclear capabilities:

Israeli Official Hints Pentagon Plans May Make Lone Strike on Iran Unnecessary, By ISABEL KERSHNER, January 26, 2013

Ehud Barak at Davos: U.S. Could Strike Iran to Block Nuclear Progress, by The Daily Beast, Jan 25, 2013

Barak's statements constitute an act of war against the United States of America by an Israeli government official. If they are true, he is leaking classified American intelligence. If they are false, he is falsely accusing America of planning acts of war on Iran.

The fact that this story resonated through the jewish media is quite revealing. It indicates that the jews are opening up the door to a plan to attack Iran, then deny the attack and blame America for it. If Iran then attacks Israel, Israel will run crying to the US that Iran has made an unprovoked attack on Israel which "compels" the US to attack Iran. This attack will take the form of a nuclear strike, given that America cannot afford any other form of warfare at this time. This is why the jews have their fifth columnist Kerry-Kohn threatening Iran, so that they will have an easy time scapegoating America for Israel's coming attack on Iran, if they someday carry it out.

Israel will then have Mossad bomb a nuclear plant in the United States and blame Iran creating the illusion of a tit for tat, so as to provide a pretext for a nuclear attack on Iran. Israel will also likely detonate a nuclear bomb over a densely populated Indian city and scapegoat Pakistan for the attack.

If the jews attack from the air, their planes will bear US markings. If they bomb facilities from the ground, they will use US ordinance and leave behind evidence that US forces were behind the attack. Though it may be difficult for them to bomb a reactor or cluster of centrifuges, even a small strike could have a synergistic effect with the nuclear materials released and create a dirty bomb.

Their goal is not to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities, but rather to pit the USA and Iran against each other and create a scenario where the US hits Iran with nuclear weapons.

As I have said many years ago, the jews will genocide the Palestinians when they instigate WW III, and the World will be so devastated by this coming conflict, that it will care not about the Palestinian victims. The jews do not want the USA to win WW III or to even survive it. They will take the opportunity of a weakened America to foment self destructive revolution as they did in Russia in WW I. Then they will genocide us.

We can stop them if you will join with me in forming a political party that will counter attack jewry and fight back in their war against us. Time is running out for us, and once war breaks out it will be infinitely more difficult for us, as it was once WW I broke out when the jews made it illegal to speak in favor of Germany or against war, as it was when America entered WW II and the event silenced Charles Lindbergh. It is time to get off your ass and do something. All hell is about to break loose if you do not act you will personally suffer from the coming global conflict.