Saturday, January 26, 2013

We Should Sue to Prevent Invasion. . . Amnesty and Subversion


The jews are deliberately disenfranchising and subverting White Americans' rights to self-determination. The jews are also sponsoring an invasion of foreign elements which change the demographic map of the United States of America. The jews actions are illegal.

We have fundamental rights to sovereignty, self-determination and the franchise of our nation. The jews, through the media, the subverted Congress, and the traitorous President who serves their interests, and the jews' interests only, are violating our fundamental human rights. We should sue them and the traitors infiltrating our government who have no legal authority to pass laws over us, in the Federal and State courts.

We should also sue to have these enemy agents removed from government. The jews have tipped the balance of power in Congress to favor their enemy agents against the power of the American People through their elected representatives. In other words, the jews have usurped our government. The Congress therefore cannot faithfully execute its duties to remove enemy agents from government. We the People therefore have standing in the courts to exercise the powers of expulsion of enemy agents from government and the right of Citizen arrest of these hostile representatives of the jewish tyrunts.

What other avenues of government do we have to pursue the expulsion of the enemy which has usurped our State? We must also form a political party to express our voice at the ballot box, and sue to remove the propaganda of the enemy from interfering in our elections.

We have fundamental rights to secure the sovereignty of our nation, to secure our demographic integrity and to secure our ability to determine for ourselves our destiny and our laws. We also have the fundamental rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which are violated when the subverted State favors foreign interests over those of the People. By their actions, the political parties are also illegally de facto redistricting the United States of American so as to disenfranchise Whites and stifle our political voice in our own nation.

So let's sue the bastards!