Monday, January 21, 2013

What Will Happen if the Jewish Libertarians and Communitarians Succeed in Inciting a Revolution or Civil War in America


The Jews are planning a harvest. When the parasitic Jews implode a host after having rotted it out, the Jews steal all they can from the corpse. They claim to have done this to Egypt, when they stole the Egyptians gold, silver and jewels, after borrowing them from the loving Egyptians. When the Jews imploded Imperial Russia, they stole the gold and wealth of Russia and sent them to London and New York.

The USA has lots of gold. We also have many, many nuclear weapons that the Jews would love to have. The Jews also want to internationalize and balkanize America. And the Jews want to kill off hundreds of millions of US. These are the American jewels the Jews will rob the US of when they castrate our country.

Immediately upon any hint of an insurrection, the USA will surrender sovereignty to the United Nations. Immediately in the UN, the US Government will sponsor initiatives to institute an international gold currency, and the US will surrender all its gold to the UN and it will go straight to Israel. Immediately in the UN, the US Government will state that American nuclear weapons are not safe from the "rebels" and pose a threat to Muslims, Russia and China. The Christian Zionists will be inflamed to demand a war on the devil and an apocalyptic nuclear war to provide the pretext for the UN to claim our nuclear arsenal. The Jews will steal our nuclear weapons and bring them to Israel.

Several weapons will be used to attack the American People. Famine will murder hundreds of millions of us. Our air, land and water will be poisoned as the Jews bomb our nuclear power plants and scapegoat the "rebels". The Jews don't want to win the revolution or to have the American Government triumph over the American People. Instead the Jews want the American People to kill off one another and destroy the American Government. The Jews want complete destruction of the American People and the American Government.

We are not the prize. Our government is not the prize. The Jews want our gold and our weapons, and they want us dead.

View the Jews calling for revolution, coup d'etat and civil war as the new Trotsky's and Lenin's, the new Mao's and Pol Pot's. The "alternative" media pushing you to destroy yourselves and place our gold on the open market are the new Comintern. They don't want you to even consider what will become of our nuclear weapons when they provoke you to reduce America to chaos, famine and absolute poverty.

The Jews are not so much interested in reducing America to a police state, as they seek to mass murder us. The Jews are not arming the government against us, and us against the government, so that one or the other triumphs, but so that the maximum number of us die at our own hands. Famine and disease will claim those not shot dead or poisoned to death in very short order.

Now imagine what we can accomplish if we turn the will and the arms of American civilians and government against the Jews who want us to destroy ourselves.