Wednesday, January 30, 2013

White Territorial and Strategic Imperatives


Imagine what will happen if the jews succeed in taking control of the nuclear weapons of the USA, UK and France, either by transporting them to Israel, or placing them under the control of subverted non-White governments in these nations. No longer will our nuclear arsenals serve to defend White territory and White strategic interests.

Further imagine that jewish Libertarians and White Nationalist leaders succeed in suckering Whites to drive themselves onto ever shrinking reservations in their own countries. The territory and military might lost will condemn Whites to extinction.

If you will help me place the POWER PARTY in control of the USA, we will ensure that the nuclear arsenal of the USA is placed in White hands and White hands only. We will demographically ensure that Mexico becomes White territory followed by all of Central America. We will split the pie of the Americas with the Latinos and provide incentives for them to agree to this and disincentives for them to oppose it. We will force the jews out of the US and Canada and secure North America as White territory committed to White strategic interests.

We will work with Whites in Russia to employ their nuclear weapons in the defense of White strategic interests, rather than targeting Whites, the nuclear arsenals of the USA, UK, France and Russia will join in a strategic alliance to secure the future of Whites and White territories. With this unmatched power, we can disarm the nuclear capabilities of non-Whites and guarantee our future.

We will then be able to clean up the Northern Hemisphere so that our living environment is healthy and conducive to human life for the conceivable future. We will then be able to put an end to the jews' Samson Option of mutual assured destruction of Whites by their own arms. There is much we will accomplish, but I cannot do it by myself.