Monday, January 21, 2013

White Vanity


Whitemen, the jews do not want to enslave you, for that they have already done. The jews want to kill you, each of you, all of you. You had better wake up and learn the distinction between slavery and extermination, so that you can see the lethal traps they have laid on your path to freedom.

The jews have no need of White slaves, other than to satisfy their sexual perversions, perhaps, but realize that their greatest perverse pleasure is in mass murdering you. If the jews wanted to keep you as slaves in the jewish messianic era, they would not have poisoned you and your lands. They would not have destroyed your industry and salted your fields with GMO's, herbicides, pesticides and radioactive materials which are increasingly sterilizing you.

No, the jews don't want you to draw breathe, let alone tote their plows. They have billions of Chinese under the Jewish Marxist yoke to slave for them. The jews have allotted perpetual slavery to the Blacks, not the Whites. The Whites' lot is to perish from existence.

Whites, you have committed the mortal sin of superiority to the jews. Your Greeks and Romans defiled the jews' temple, which means to the jews that your gods and your seed are stronger than theirs, and so must be completely exterminated.

The only hope we Whites have to survive is for us to take control of our American Government and our nuclear weapons. We must free Europe from the jews and can only do so with the power of our State and our military force. The jews have no more use for European slaves than for American slaves, and their goal is to erase us from the scrolls of human history.

Do not flatter yourselves with talk of a global police state. Face the fact that the jews want you dead.